Why You Should Travel to Dubai? | 15 Reasons to Travel Dubai

15 Reasons that will Force You to Travel to Dubai

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Dubai, the glamorous and the richest city in the United Arab Emirates is not only one of the top travel destinations in Asia but also one of the most popular international travel destinations in the world. It is certainly not a place for backpackers or people with tight budget, but Dubai has so much to offer that an avid traveler like you or me will not mind spending extra here. There are so many reasons to visit Dubai and I have listed below 15 best reasons that will force you to travel to Dubai.

1. Best Luxury Holidays in the World

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Luxury Hotels

Still searching for a luxury escape to spend your holidays? Then search no more as Dubai will definitely meet all the requirements as a luxurious escapade. You can chill out at its pristine beaches where luxurious resorts await to offer you a great experience and fun. You might want to check-in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is famous for its unique wave-like architecture and it also owns a private crescent-shaped beach that offers vast activities for water sports’ lovers. Most tourists travelling to Dubai are more familiar with the Burj Al Arab hotel, designed to look like the traditional Arab sailing ship. The Burj Al Arab is consistently voted as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and so, you do not have to worry about the quality of the services, just sit back and enjoy the stunning views and services that the hotel offers.

2. Best Honeymoon Destination to Relish the Golden Period of Your Life

Romantic Honeymoon in Dubai

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Make your honeymoon a special one and cherish the company of your loved ones in Dubai. The city is perfect for a honeymoon escapade if you are looking for an ultimate paradise retreat to spend time with your sweetheart. Wake up every morning in a luxury hotel room, enjoy the warm sea breeze while having a great chit-chat with your lover and go for a dive in turquoise coral reefs; create wonderful memories that will be remembered forever. Celebrate your honeymoon trip or anniversary by dining at the wonderful restaurants in Dubai and savour the delicious meals they offer whilst enjoying the sunset in Dubai.

3. Ideal for Family Vacations

Family Vacations Travelling and being on a holiday with kids will not be an issue here in Dubai as it provides a wide range of activities as well as fun travel places that can be enjoyed together with children. One of the main attractions is the hop-on hop-off bus tours which offer one-day sightseeing of Dubai’s best places to see. Commentaries are given in 12 languages and to let the little ones enjoy, commentaries are given in the voices of three amazing characters which are Ali, Alice and Ghantoot, the Arabian Oryx. You may also take your children to the Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to show them the diverse variety of animal species. This wetland is famous for its flamingos and also is the home for other birds such as the marsh harriers and the small waders.

4. Pristine Beaches for the Perfect Sun and Sand Vacation

Beaches in Dubai Many of the beaches along the Jumeirah stretch are only accessible to the hotels’ guests and for those who are willing to pay some fees to have an access to the beaches, the fees are definitely not less! However, there are still few public beaches where no or a small fee is to be paid. The good thing about paying a small fee at some of the public beaches is that these places are much safer and family-friendly and some even restricted to women-and-children only. These beaches are also clean and patrolled by experienced lifeguards.

5. Home to one of the magnificent skylines in the world

Burj Khalifa in Dubai Dubbed as the highest and tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa is definitely a must visit attraction that you will not want to miss upon arriving in Dubai. Enjoy the splendid views of the shimmering water of the gulf and the desert from the top of the Burj Khalifa. There is an open air deck on level 124, but no worries; it is fenced so it is safe for you to hang out on the deck. You may also want to drop by at a restaurant on level 122 to fill up your empty stomachs. As a friendly reminder, do book your tickets early as the queue might be long.

6. Dubai is the shoppers’ paradise

Dubai Mall Dubai is also the home of the biggest shopping mall in the world, in which the famous Dubai Mall alone is covering up to 12 million square feet. You can find items from branded names such as the Armani, Cartier, Chanel and many more in the mall. Shop as much as you want and stop by at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo located also inside the Dubai Mall. Alternatively, you might want to shop at the Mercato Mall where you will experience the sights and feel of a Renaissance-era Italian village. Shop from the international retailers such as the Laura Ashley and Jack Wills and drop by at the eateries to enjoy some delicacies. There are lots of other shopping malls with unique architectures for you to visit and enjoy some shopping, so just bring along your cash or credit cards and shop till you drop!

7. Best Traditional Markets

Deira Gold Souk Dubai ‘Souk’ or ‘souq’ is basically from an Arabic word which literally means the market. Obviously, at a market you can find lots of things and as for souks in Dubai there are practically few types of souks, which are the Spice, Perfume, Textile and even fish markets. However, one of the must see places in Dubai and the most popular souk in this vibrant city is definitely the Deira Gold Souk. People from all over the world know about the Gold Souk. Dubai is a rich country and also known as the City of Gold. Not only gold that is being displayed at the windows of the shops, but also diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other types of precious stones and jewelries are available and sold at a much cheaper price compared to the one sold in western countries.

8. Historic and Scenic Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

It is always recommended for you to start your Dubai sightseeing by taking the traditional Abra,water taxi to experience the Dubai Creek that flows between Bur Dubai and Deira and is the historic focal point in Dubai. The traditional Abra offers the cheapest and fastest means between the two spots; forget the expensive cruises, as this is the real way for you to experience the Dubai Creek. However, if you are not keen to take the a Abra, then you can opt for the cable car which is suspended just about 30 meters in the air and you will be able to cover the 2.3 km Dubai Creek in just an hour.

9. Historical and Heritage sites Ideal for Walking Tours

Museum Why don’t you arrange a DIY (do-it-yourself) cultural and heritage walking tours this time in Dubai to get to know more about this place? Let me help you now by providing a simple travel guide to ease your way in experiencing one of the oldest heritage sites in Dubai which is the Al Fahidi Historical District. Begin your walking tour by visiting the Dubai Museum located in the Al Fahidi Fort to learn about Dubai’s transformation from a tiny fishing village to a magnificent cosmopolitan city. From the museum, take an exit to the Al Fahidi Street and walk past the Diwan or the Ruler’s office towards the multi-domed Grand Mosque where you will find a vibrant alleyway of little shops. At the end of the alley is the Bur Dubai Souk which runs parallel to the Dubai Creek. The most famous tourist spot that you should drop by during your walking tour is the Sheilh Saeed al Maktoum House which was the former home of Dubai’s ruling Maktoum dynasty.

10. Best Culture Exploration Opportunities

Sheikh Muhammad Centre Perhaps you might be wondering about the difference in traditions and cultures practiced by the citizens of Dubai… Well, majority of the citizens in Dubai are practicing the religion of Islam, and in order to share information about the Muslims in the city with the tourists, Dubai Tourism came up with an idea by setting up the Sheikh Muhammad Centre for Cultural Understanding. This institution will help you to gain more understanding about the tradition and the religion of Islam and also it invites the tourists to join their Arabic language classes, heritage tours and also provide guided mosque tours.

11. An Exquisitely Built Mosque Open to Non-Muslims

Jumeirah Mosque The uniquely designed Jumeirah Mosque is undoubtedly one of the famous tourist attractions in this city and your Dubai tour will not be a complete one if you miss out on this place. Basically the non-Muslims are not allowed to enter any of the mosques in Dubai, however, the Jumeirah Mosque is an exception to the general rule. It is the only mosque in Dubai that welcomes the non-Muslims six days a week, with a condition that women must wear a scarf while visiting the mosque to respect the tradition and the religion practiced by the Muslims there. Join the tours organized by the Sheikh Muhammad Centre for Cultural Understanding Institution as they will keep you informed with relevant information about the culture along with traditions practiced by the Muslims.

12. Best Desert Safari in the World

Desert Safari in Dubai There are lots and lots of things to do in Dubai which will keep you busy during your holiday here, and this time around experience the Desert Safari which is not very common in many countries. Usually in order to have a more comfortable trip and fun at the Desert Safari, it is advisable for you to join any of the tours offered by any trusted agencies so that they will be able to arrange your trips accordingly. There will always be a pick up by the agencies in their 4 x 4. Some of the activities offered in the Desert Safari tours are the Dune Bashing, Dune driving, camel rides, sand skiing and quad bike. So do not miss this opportunity which is very rare especially in any other Asian countries!

13. Adventure at its Best! Experience the Best Sky Diving in Asia

Sky Diving in Dubai Seeking for an adrenaline rush activity in Dubai? If you are not scared of the heights, then challenge yourselves by skydiving The Skydive Dubai is the most preferred company by the adrenaline junkies as they have experienced instructors and some of them are even world record holders! Experience jumping off the plane at around 120 miles per hour over the Palm Jumeirah Island and you do not even need any experience beforehand to try this out in Dubai!

14. Great Nightlife

Bahri Bar Nightlife Dubai Even though Dubai is known for practicing the Sharia laws as most of the citizens are Muslims, they do have lots of interesting bars around in the city.Bahri Bar for example is a colonial-style bar and the extravagantly decorated, Glamerous Neos do attract many tourists. Another option to spend your nights in Dubai is by walking along the Dubai Marina located in the newer part of the city and to hang out at the European style cafes along the waterfront while enjoying the lights from the skyscrapers. If you prefer a much quieter evening, then have a night-out at the sheesha lounges, like the locals always do at nights. Nightlife in Dubai offers you various excitements and that is for sure!

15. The Best Culinary Getaway

Restaurant Have a taste on one of the best foods eaten in Dubai and greatly known in Asia, which is the Shawarma, made from lamb or chicken meat, stuffed together with various vegetables, pickles, fries and garlic sauce. If you are a vegetarian, then you may opt for Tabbouleh, a vegetarian Arabian dish full of nutritious salads, tomatoes, green onions and cucumbers, seasoned with lemon juice and fresh mint. As for the dessert, fill up your stomachs with the Esh Asarya, known also as ‘the bread of the harem’. It is sort of a cheese cake with cream topping and it is definitely a popular dessert among the locals in Dubai.

Therefore, if you are looking for a luxurious dose of sun, sand and beaches along with a paradise for shopping, then Dubai is certainly the best place you have to consider and put in your bucket list. Dubai has so much more to offer than you might think, so pack your bags and get ready to start your journey to Dubai.

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