Vibrancy Makes its Way with Migratory Birds in Kashmir

Vibrancy Makes its Way with Migratory Birds in Kashmir
Last Updated: July 21, 2018

Winter Beckons in Kashmir : Time to Plan Your Winter Holiday in Kashmir

Talking about the paradisiacal Kashmir, this prismatic valley is one of the best tourist attractions in India. The place is like a loving family not just to tourists but to the migratory birds as well who recently flew all the way from Southern Europe and Central Asia to around 400 water bodies of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Northern Pintails, Mallards, Red-crested Pochards and Eurasian Wigeons are just some of the 3 lakh birds that flew in the initial stage of the migratory season this year. During the winter season, some birds choose Kashmir Valley as their rescue spot away from their freezing cold habitats which are in Japan, China, Siberia, and few other northern nations. These gliders fly to Pulwama district’s Pampore, wetlands of Hokersar in Srinagar and Hygam and Shallabug of Sopore in Baramulla district. The birds start making their way to Kashmir from the first week of November hence adding vibrancy to the ever-changing sky. So, if you have birdwatching in your mind, winter in Kashmir is the best time to plan your holiday.

Now that winters are here expect a fine plethora of activities that you can enjoy along with hands full of white snowballs on your Kashmir tour.

Here are few reasons why winter tourism in Kashmir is going to win your heart and compel you to plan a memorable vacation:

Because a Shikara Ride in Winter is Worth More than Diamond More than Gold

Shikara Ride in Jammu and Kashmir during Winters A shikara ride amid the tranquil Dal Lake that partially remains frozen is inevitable, you can either take a short cruise or stay overnight at the boathouse. And don’t worry about accommodation being too costly here as you will see less number of faces in this season, being a bonus for you only as you might get good deals and discounts.

Because the Piping Hot Kashmiri Delicacies Cannot Taste Better than in Winter

Harissa : Cuisineof Kashmir Even though it’s cold outside, the food junkies can ditch their comfort zones and try out the delicious, Harissa, Gushtaba and or the widely acclaimed Mutton Roganjosh. It is a local Kashmiri delicacy whose main ingredient is lamb/mutton and rice.

Because the Best Skiing Experience Awaits Your Visit

Skiing in Gulmarg Once you are done hogging, go towards Gulmarg which is considered one of the best ski holiday destination in Kashmir. Cable car ride on the popular Gondola and hiking are other activities one can enjoy here along with an unforgettable skiing experience. In Gulmarg, skiing can be enjoyed in two phases, the higher gradient is for the seasoned skiers, whereas the lower stretch is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy an integral flavour of Kashmir’s winter.

Because the Beauty of Kashmir will Only Get Better to become Dreamlike

Sonmarg Besides, if you want to explore more places during your holidays in Kashmir then you can visit Sonamarg which in the literal sense means ‘Meadow of Gold’ and is one of the best places to visit in winters. This might be your ultimate opportunity to see the exquisite side of Kashmir as the land serves as the base camp for trekking trails like Gangabal, Vishansar, Gadsar, Kishnasar, and Satsar. And how can we miss out on the nature lovers and photographers who can visit the marshy lands of Hokersar and Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary for bird watching and sightseeing tour.

Least Explored Tourist Destinations in Kashmir to Include in Your Travel Itinerary Kashmir, there is something so beautiful in the name itself that if we start talking about the place your heart might get elated to unimaginable extents. And it does not matter which part of the world you are in, Kashmir in all its charm is one of the best winter travel destinations in India. Well, let’s be honest, we love the sweet and sour winters, and when in Kashmir it’s going to be more on the sweet side. Clutching the top of the South Asian country, this beauteous land may stupefy your senses with the mind-blowing, yes that’s right, ‘Mindblowing’ view of landscapes and if you are up for a winter vacation, you are possibly staying a little longer than you planned. In case, you require our help, we would be more than happy to assist. For perfectly tailored and affordable travel packages, call us at +91-8744012087 or send us an email at We at Tour My India promise to make your winter holiday in Kashmir a memorable one!

Published: 30 Nov, 2017
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