15 Places That You Can Visit in Monsoon Season in North India

15 Places That You Can Visit in Monsoon Season in North India
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Monsoon is approaching and we all are desperately making plans to spend our monsoon holidays in the best possible way. For those who are thinking of what to do and where to go in monsoon season in Northern India, we bring to you a list of best monsoon destinations from which you can easily choose one suiting your interests.

Monsoon is India is a time that brings rejoice for everyone, be it humans, animals or birds. It’s the time when Rain Gods bless all lifeforms on this planet with freshness and rejuvenation. Nature is at its best with colourful flowers blooming in every nook and corner, birds chirping and calling in joyous moods, lakes and rivers brimming with full sparkle and sky covered in white and grey clouds.

That being said, monsoons is also the time when most of the Indian cities face the worst problems of blocked sewerages, flooded roads with potholes and insane traffic congestions. To get away from all such nuisance and spend some relaxing time enjoying the beauty of nature and soaking your spirits in pristine monsoon showers, the best way is to head to a nice and beautiful monsoon destination.

For those looking forward to planning a visit to a monsoon destination in North India, here are few best destinations that can offer you an unmatched monsoon experience:


Manali A quaint little hill station tucked away in stunning Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges of Indian Himalayas, Manali has always been one of the top tourist destinations in North India inviting hordes of holiday-seekers, honeymooners and adventure buffs from different corners of the country. The tranquil surroundings of this lovely hill resort with thick pinewoods, lofty snow-capped peaks, emerald green meadows and the gurgling Beas River, gives it a perfect picture postcard setting. The picturesque beauty of this scenic hamlet have no bounds during the monsoon season when entire valley gets filled with the soothing music of chirping birds and aroma of burning pine. In such a lovely weather, go out for serene nature walks, relish on hot momos and chilled ice-creams on the mall road or just sit back and relax savouring on hot pakodas, sipping a hot cup of tea and admiring the beauty of distant snow-clad peaks from your hotel balcony. Read more here.


Dharamshala Also referred to as the ‘Little Tibet of India’, Dharamshala is an exquisite hill resort nestled in the lap of snow-clad Dhauladhar ranges. Always covered in the veil of verdant pine forests and lush meadows, Dharamshala provides perfect ambience to tourists seeking a peaceful time away in the lap of nature. What adds to the magical charm of this tiny hill town is its serene aura filled with Buddhist chants, ringing prayer bells and fluttering prayer flags that exuberate a vibe of complete spirituality and divinity. The onset of rains brings in that dash of pristine magic to this pious hamlet that is indescribable in words; there is a nip in the air, mountains are at their greenest, waterfalls are gushing with ample water and the azure skyline is covered in occasional mist and clouds. A hot plate of maggi and momos is just what is needed to add to the fun of monsoon holidays in this captivating Buddhist land. Undoubtedly, one of the best monsoon holiday places in north India, Dharamshala definitely warrants a visit for everyone who loves rains and abundant scenic beauty. Read more here.


Mussoorie Located on the foothills of Shivalik ranges of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is one of the several popular holiday destinations in North India. Set amidst tranquil environs of snow-clad peaks and thick deodar forests, this little hill town makes for a great summer retreat for holiday seekers, backpackers and honeymoon couples. With rains pouring in, the picturesque colonial town transforms into an abode of nature’s spectacle; mountains take a veil of mist and grey clouds, colourful flowers are in bloom everywhere and ‘Kempty Falls’ is brimming with loads of water cascading down the green hills. This is also the best time to go for scenic walks around the town and take in the fresh morning air filled with an aroma of mist and fog, not disturbed by honking of vehicles. With a soft drizzle trickling in, the fun of relishing ‘bhuttas’, ‘popcorns’ and hot ‘pakoras’ while taking a leisurely stroll on the ‘Mall Road’ also has its own unforgettable charm. So, if you are planning for a holiday during the monsoon season, Mussoorie makes one of a greatest choice. Click here to read more.


Shimla Located in Himachal Pradesh, the gorgeous hill town of Shimla attracts thousands of tourists every year. The lofty mountain peaks, striking apple orchards and dense pine forests gives this place a perfect setting to spend quiet and peaceful holidays amidst splendid natural beauty, undisturbed and unscathed from city crowds. Tiny wooden cottages, British-era houses and beautiful stone churches of this tiny hamlet give it that colonial touch that simply adds to its picturesque beauty. With monsoon showers, this tiny hamlet bathed in fresh water looks afresh and rejuvenated with greenery all around. Occasional monsoon showers are accompanied with sprinkles of sunshine turning it into a perfect Himalayan scenery directly making its way out from a picture postcard. Mall road and ridge area, during this season, bustles with hordes of tourists, especially couples enjoying the weather and little showers. The toy train ride winding its way through hilly terrains, offering splendid vistas of Himalayan peaks also has its own magical charm under soft monsoon trickles that makes it one of the most romantic and unforgettable experiences of your lifetime. Click here to read more.

Corbett National Park

Corbett Safari A paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and nature lovers, Corbett National Park lies snuggled in the lap of Himalayas in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Covered with dense forests of Sal and bestowed with breath-taking natural beauty, Corbett also provides perfect ambience to holiday seekers have a relaxing time amidst extreme tranquillity and peace. Though most of the zones of the park are closed during the monsoon season, Jhirna Zone and its buffer areas remain open where you can satiate your adventurous desire by indulging in jeep and canter safaris. A wildlife safari in the deep wilderness of the park has its own magical charm during the monsoon season; this is the time when entire jungle is teeming with greenery at its best, morning air is filled with bird tweets and Kosi River is flowing in its full might. For river rafters, this season is an ultimate delight as Kosi is in its full flow and offers perfect rapids to rafters have a wonderful time braving the strong currents while simultaneously enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings. So, for adventure lovers, a monsoon holiday in Corbett National Park makes for a perfect choice. Click here to read more here.


Kausani A popular hill resort located in Uttarakhand, Kausani has been blessed with tremendous natural beauty. With its salubrious weather, tranquil settings and untouched scenic charm, Kausani lures hundreds of tourists including vacationers, honeymooners and nature lovers to spend a lovely time amidst serene scenic settings. What makes this place more alluring is its enchanting vistas of snow-clad Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchachuli that transform into multiple hues of gold during sunrise and sunset, providing a true visual treat to eyes. The towering coniferous trees surrounding the valley complete the captivating beauty of this tiny hill town. As the monsoon showers trickle in, the entire hill town gets covered in blankets of mist and clouds play hide and seek with the azure sky, flowers are in full bloom at every nook and corner and trees are grinning with their wide open smiles. With serenity at its subtle best during the rainy season, Kausani, for sure, makes for an ideal monsoon getaway in North India. Click here to read more.


Pithoragarh Known for its exquisite natural beauty and undulated scenic charm, Pithoragarh makes for a perfect summer hideout for people living in the capital region of the country. The place is also a paradise for adventure sports lovers owing to its plethora of adventure activities ranging from hand gliding and para gliding to canoeing and river rafting. Besides being a serene holiday and adventure sports destination, Pithoragarh also holds a great religious significance for Hindus; for it being the home to famous ‘Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple’ and the commencing point for the annual holy pilgrimage ‘Kailash Mansarovar Yatra’. To experience an unparalleled scenic charm of this tiny hamlet nestled in the lap of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, it is best to be visited during monsoons when the showers bring in an unmatched freshness to this pious land and bestows it with immense greenery and picture postcard perfect beauty. Monsoon is also the time when the silent valley comes to life with chirpings of birds and music of gushing waterfalls. Click here to read more.


Khajjar Dalhousie Snuggled in snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges and inundated by dense forests of pines, oaks and deodars, Dalhousie is an epitome of nature’s bounty. The town’s splendid natural beauty dotted with emerald green meadows, meandering streams, pristine waterfalls and gurgling Ravi River, makes Dalhousie a paradise for nature lovers and holiday seekers. While the little town is bestowed with immense scenic beauty, plethora of picnic spots and nature trails and treks, making it an ideal summer retreat; the town has its own unique charm in the rainy months. Though it doesn’t rain much, the mild showers bring in that romantic touch to this tiny British settlement that is a dream of every couple; trees are glistening with rain water, air is filled with a misty aroma and clouds are so close that you seem to touch them. It is only during monsoons that you can witness the dream like beauty of this quaint hill destination. If you are looking for a monsoon destination in North that has still retained its old world charm by staying away from commercialization, Dalhousie, for sure, is a great option to look forward to for a holiday. Click here to read more.


Ranikhet The picturesque hill town, nestled in the lap of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Ranikhet is a popular summer and monsoon getaway for people living in the capital region of India. Endowed with immense scenic beauty of verdant forests, hilly slopes, lush meadows, pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains; Ranikhet offers a much deserved respite from scorching heat of summers. The beauty of the town gets doubled during monsoon months when rains bless it with splendid natural charm; entire valley gets covered in carpets of colourful alpine flowers, pines look all the more beautiful and meadows hide themselves in the veil of dewy grasslands. With drizzles and monsoon showers trickling in, the Himalayan peaks also stands glistening and enjoying the game of hide and seek with mists and clouds. Click here to read more.


Ladakh The land of enchanting valleys, alpine dewy meadows, serene glacial lakes and vibrant Buddhist monasteries; Leh-Ladakh is truly an epitome of natural beauty on earth. The untouched charm and tranquil environments of this quaint little land provides a deep peace and solace to our fatigued souls and bodies that have been withstanding the stress of today’s hectic lives. Most of the hill resorts and holiday destinations during monsoons are ideal for spending a relaxed time in your hotel rooms and not indulging in much of the outside activities. This is typically not the case with Leh-Ladakh as during monsoons, this captivating land does not experience as much rains as other Northern parts of India do, making it perfect for sight-seeing and indulging in adventure activities like trekking, river rafting and mountain biking.

Though Ladakh does not experience much rains, still the magical beauty of this place is beyond words during the monsoon months; many parts of the valley get covered in the veil of vibrant alpine flowers and green carpets of lush vegetation. Fruit orchards of mulberry, peach, apple and plums are also in full bloom and provide for a mesmerising visual treat to eyes.


Jaipur A city known for its glorious past, opulent palaces, majestic forts and vibrant bazaars; Jaipur lures thousands of travellers, history buffs and scholars from different parts of the world every year. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the North-West of India, Jaipur makes for an ideal place to be visited during monsoons when pounding heat of summers is over and mercury has dipped down to an agreeably cooler temperature. The best part of monsoons in Jaipur is that the downpour doesn’t last for long and there’s an air of intense freshness afterwards. The pleasant weather allows for an enjoyable expedition of the ‘Pink City’. With rains trickling in, the forts look extremely pristine with their lush green surroundings and grey clouds looming the skyline. During your visit to forts and parks during the monsoon, keep your eyes open for peacocks that can be frequently seen dancing with their wings open and filling the air with their joyous calls. Needless to say, not being a peak tourist season, monsoons is also the time when you can enjoy stays in city’s most glamorous resorts at very reasonable prices.


Udaipur Also known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur exudes a regal grandeur with its splendid palaces, rustic havelis, idyllic gardens, picturesque lakes and exquisite ancient temples. Surrounded with Aravalli Hills, the city comes to life during monsoon months when the hills and gardens get blanketed in layers of greenery and lakes look afresh and rejuvenated. The ‘Lake Palace’, situated in the middle of Pichola Lake and overlooked by green carpeted hills of Aravalli, offers a true spectacle with its beauty accentuated multi-folds during the rains. ‘Saheliyon ki Bari’ is another great site in Udaipur whose scenic beauty gets beyond words during the monsoon season. With pathways adorned with beautiful flowers and colourful fountains, pools blooming with lotus flowers and sprinkles of greenery adding a magical touch; the gardens casts a spell on all its visitors with its sheer natural beauty. For a more heavenly experience, a visit to the ‘Monsoon Palace’ is a must during monsoon showers to catch a glimpse of spellbinding vistas of the city and its surroundings.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu The only hill station of Rajasthan and a home to several Jain pilgrimage sites, Mount Abu is swarmed with many tourists and pilgrims every year. Surrounded with Aravalli Hills, lush green forests and brimming with sparkling lakes, Mount Abu makes for a perfect summer hideaway for people wanting an escapade from the scorching heat of summers. Besides being a great summer holiday destination, Mount Abu also provides an ideal retreat for monsoons when entire region is covered in the veil of greenery and mountain mist, offering a picturesque backdrop to stunning Dilwara temples. Soft monsoon drizzles also add a magical touch to a simple boat ride on the serene ‘Nakki Lake’. The weather during the season is also great for leisurely nature walks and bird-watching.


Phalodi Also known as the ‘Salt City’, Phalodi is a picturesque hamlet located in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. Presenting a unique contrast of salt lakes on one end and the Thar Desert on the other, the village stands in its full glory with royal rustic havelis and ancient Hindu and Jain temples. Not known to many, the place is an ideal getaway during monsoons when this little hamlet transforms into a land of greenery presenting a stark contrast to golden brown colours of sand dunes. This is also the time when hordes of birdwatchers flock to this tiny city to have a glimpse of Demoiselle Cranes, locally known as ‘Kurja’ that fly here all the way from South Western Europe, Ukraine and Poland. Witnessing a cloudy sunset on a salt lake also has its undescribed magic.

Nangal Wetlands

Nangal Lake Located on the foothills of Shivalik ranges in Ropar district of Punjab, Nangal Wetlands is a home to thousands of migratory birds making it a paradise for bird watchers. Surrounded with Sutlej River, splendid Nangal Lake and captivating hills, the place makes for an ideal getaway for nature lovers and birders, especially during monsoons when the lake and river brims with fresh water and aquatic species attracting hordes of birds searching for food. This is the time when weather is pleasant, greenery is all around and there is ample opportunity for bird watching.

The above list gives you an insight into few gorgeous monsoon destinations, but, before making a visit to these places it is always recommended to study the weather forecast for a hassle free journey and stay. Hope you have a wonderful monsoon holiday this season.

Published: 11 Apr, 2016
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