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Bhutan Paro Festival 2020

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Ornate costumes…impressive masks…magical dance performances…beats of trumpets, and acts depicting the life of Padmasambhava (a literary character who was born from a lotus flower)…the imposing sight of the Bhutan Paro Festival is something beyond imagination. Witnessed by thousands of tourists every year, the much awaited Buddhist religious festival ‘Paro Tsechus’ is celebrated to commemorate Guru Rinpoche, who brought Tantric Buddhism, also known as Tibetan Buddhism, to Bhutan.

The festival reveals a lot of color, music, dances, and drama as people from different parts of the country join the locals to enjoy the masked dance and other sacred rituals that take place during the festival. For someone who appreciates the ancient culture and tradition of Bhutan, the Paro Tsechu Festival is a wonderful gala to have an insight of Bhutanese traditions and values.

To enjoy  the celebration of Paro festival…one has to attend the festival from the first day onwards as many rituals are being held inside the courtyard of the fortress, Paro Dzong, on the first day of the festival. The vibrant celebration at Paro in Bhutan, is not a thing to miss…here are some information that will give you an insight into this popular Buddhist dance festival.

What you should know about Bhutan Paro Festival 2020?

Bhutan Paro Festival

To get the maximum out of  Bhutan Paro Festival, you must find out what this festival is all about and when and how it is celebrated. Well, Paro festival is a 5 day celebration, which is usually held during the spring season. It is observed in three parts, first the pre-festival rituals that are performed one day before the main festival, second the ceremonies that are undertaken on the first day inside the Paro Dzong, and lastly the main festivities that are celebrated on the remaining 4 days on the festival ground outside the fortress.

This festival is observed in the honor of Padmasambhava, popularly known as “Guru Rimpoche”- the popular teacher, who contributed to the diffusion of Tantric Buddhism in Bhutan. The monks and layman who participate in this festival get dressed in fancy costumes and perform mask dance and dramas to portray the life events of Guru Rinpoche. They dance beautifully to the beats of trumpets, cymbals, flutes, and folk songs and mark the victory of good over bad.

On the final day of the festival the monks and laymen who perform the mask dance, display a giant Thongdrol (religious picture) of Guru Rinpoche before dawn. This is the best time of the festival as a lot of tourists and local people gather together to seek the blessings from the religious teacher Guru Rimpoche for the last time during the festival.

When it will be celebrated?

The Bhutan Paro Festival 2020 will be held from 04th April to 08th April, 2020 in the courtyards of the great dzongs (fortress), a center of government and religion in Bhutan. One can see an entire community of Bhutanese, dancing and celebrating the festival in various forms and receiving blessings from Guru Padmasambhava.

The mask dance performed during the festival reveals its own story and meaning. The audience loves watching these colorful Bhutanese traditional dances because of its unique, colorful, and exciting displays that give you an insight into the lives and beliefs of the Bhutanese.

What are the highlights of Bhutan Paro Festival 2020?

A lot of local people arrive at the venue in their finest attire and jewelry of coral and turquoise and take part in the festivities and consume butter tea and strong barley alcohol as a part of the merriment. People coming here usually pack picnic lunches in their traditional bamboo baskets and stay all day at the festival.

Attending this festival is a huge affair for the Bhutanese as they consider it a blessing to be able to watch the dances that takes place once in a year. The Tsechus are a rich form of oral history tradition, where the values and religious beliefs of ancestors are passed on to the present day people through the dance & dramas.

The beautiful mask dance, performed by the monks in Bhutan is highly appreciated by millions of people from all over the world. To witness the coming Bhutan Paro Festival 2020, you can book your tickets in advance to avoid any last minute delay. So, get ready to observe Bhutan’s most popular annual event…let the enchanting dance forms, vibrant costumes, and wonderful performers take you all by surprise.

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