Fishing and Angling in Corbett National Park

With multiple the presence of the Ramganga river, Corbett is counted amongst the best destinations in India to go for angling and fishing. The Ramganga river, which flows through the park is an abode of the massive population of fishes especially the Mahseer, and Goonch. When it comes to fishing tour in Corbett, the ideal places to be are Matwash and Rikawasi. The river streams that pass through these regions offers plenty of fishing opportunities. Also, the Kosi river circumvents the Corbett. This river forms the eastern boundary of Corbett from Mohan and terminates at Ramnagar. The Kosi river is known for a rich population of Mahseer. In the Kosi river, the fishing is permitted between October and June, and Betalghat and Chhara are the ideal places your fishing nets.

As per the survey conducted by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in 2005, 43 species of 9 families and six orders were found in the river system. This list of rare fish species comprises the Indian Trout, Golden Mahseer, Goonch and the lesser known Kalabasu.

  • Kyari to Powalgarh
  • Garjiya Temple - along with Kosi River
  • Kosi Barrage and Sitabani
  • Haati Dangar
  • Mohaan to Kumariya