Visiting Corbett During Summer

With March, the summer season commences in Corbett National and so a good time to visit as the weather is cool and all the entry gates are open for safari. Especially during the summer season, it remains crowded with the kids for the educational tour. Also, Corbett offers close access to popular hill stations of Uttarakhand like Ranikhet, Nainital, Bhimtal, Pangot, etc. Moreover, during the summer season, mostly hotels and resorts remains booked so it would be good to arrange all the things in advance. During the summer, the temperature ranges between 42°C and 28°C. If planning a visit during the summer, do visit the areas close to river streams as it is assumed that tigers feel thirsty due to which they regularly come out of their hideout to visit the places where there is water. The other advantage of visiting in summer season is that there's no barrier of tall and lush grasslands. Due to excessive heat, the leaves of trees dry, leaving behind extremely less scope for the tigers to hide. You should avoid visiting during the late summers as there are good chances of the thunderstorm. Carry lots of cotton clothes in suitcases as it gets way too hot and humid. Also during the monsoon season, the park witnesses less footfall, and tour operators offers the best deals on hotel bookings.

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