Adventure Activities in Corbett National Park

An eminent National Park of India, Jim Corbett is blessed with rich flora and fauna. This popular tourist destination houses more than 50 species of mammals, 580 species of birds and 25 species of reptiles that can be seen during a wildlife tour. However, it is not just the wildlife safaris, birding, river rafting and angling that can be enjoyed here, Jim Corbett also has various other interesting activities on offer in accordance with everyone's interests.

One can partake in bridge slithering activity that involves the adventurer to slide from a bridge into the River Kosi with a help of a rope. Mountain biking is yet another popular sport to relis, an off road cycle tour helps to explore the area around the park. It is an adventure tour that routes the trails through rural areas and the countryside along the small streams. Rock climbing makes for another interesting adventure activity to indulge in Corbett. Apart from this, River crossing is another sport to relish in the park; it makes the partakers to reach the other side of the river with the help of a rope. Rappelling is counted among the best adventure activities in Jim Corbett; the adventurer have to rappel down holding a rope from a rock to another which definitely triggers the blood to rush and heart to race while attempting.