Bird watching in Corbett National Park

Highlights of the Corbett National Park aren't limited to its flora and faunna. The mega reserve does have a good population of the birds, which makes it one of its kind in India. With the presence of Indo-Gangetic plains, dense Sal forests, hilly vegetation, and grasslands, the park offers just the perfect setting for the birdwatching. Out here, travellers can find any types of chirping creatures, from the regional ones to the long-distance migrants. In fact, in this 520 square km of the core area, more than 600 bird species inhabit such as dove, chat, robin, finch, eagle, hornbill, beef eater, babbler, and kingfisher. If lucky then one can spot some rare and endangered ones like White Stork, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Cinnamon Bittern, Cattle Egret and Great White Pelican. Exciting isn't it? Also if the purpose of visiting the Corbett National Park s just for birdwatching then the best time to plan the trip will be from November to March.

Mentioned below are some of the popular birdwatching trails in Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Kyari to Powalgarh
  • Garjiya Temple - along with Kosi River
  • Kosi Barrage and Sitabani
  • Haati Dangar
  • Mohaan to Kumariya