Weather in Corbett National Park

On an average, the temperature ranges between 5 C to 30 C during the winter and 40 C to 20 C during summer. The region also receives heavy rainfall. For more details about the weather have a look at the detailed chart mentioned below:

January -(-2C)to 22C

January is a good time to plan a visit. Day remains sunny while the nights are extremely hot

February - (-1C)to 22C

The weather remains pleasant, just the perfect to plan a holiday

March - 11C to 26C

Weather during the march is a mixture of hot and cold. Though, it is a good time to plan a jeep safari.

April - 20C to 34C

As compared to march, the weather is little high in April. It is a good time to go for safari and outdoor activities.

May - 23C to 40C

During the days, the weather remains high as much as 40C. Make a point to bring some cotton clothes.

June - 24C to 42C

Major zones of Corbett National Park remains are closed for tourists from 15th June. Also, June is the hottest month of Corbett.

July - 24C to 34C

It remains cloudy with infrequent rains. Not a good time to go as the region remains more prone to soil erosion and landslides.

August - 25C to 30C

It remains cloudy with frequent rain.

September - 22C to 26C

The day remains pleasant but there are always chances of rain.

October - 16C to 26C

Post monsoon rain expected in some area. Mostly gates reopen for tourists in October. Also, it is a good time to plan a safari.

November - 10C to 24C

November is also a good time to plan a safari. It might get not too hot nor too cold, just the perfect to plan a holiday.

December - 0C to 22C

One of the coldest months at Corbett. Heavy woolens are recommended.