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Vidhan Bhawan Lucknow

Lucknow is dotted with structures from the Mughal, Nawab and British era. Of these, the last stands out from the other due to the marked difference in the style of architecture. Vidhan Bhawan (state assembly), the seat of bicameral legislature in Uttar Pradesh, is one of the finest examples of Indo-European architecture with an overwhelming influence of Gothic elements. When viewed from a distance, this one of the top places to see in Lucknow looks akin to a palace. On national events like Independence Day and Republic Day, this historical site in Lucknow is bedecked with lights, and its beauty is enhanced manifold.


Allahabad, or what is today known as Prayagraj, was the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh till the early 20th century. In 1922, a decision was taken to shift the capital to Lucknow. It was on December 15, 1922 that the then Governor, Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, laid the foundation stone of Vidhan Bhawan, then known as the Council House. The design of the building was conceived by two eminent architects of the time, Sir Swinton Jacob and Shri Heera Singh. The total expenditure of the building was estimated to be 21 lakh rupees, a tremendous amount of money at that time. It took about five years to complete its construction. The magnificence of the building perfectly reflects this exorbitant amount spent on its construction.


It can hardly be argued that the Vidhan Bhawan is an example of magnificent Indo-European architecture of the 20th century. The entire structure is two-storeyed and shaped in the form of a crescent. It was carved from light brown sandstone blocks brought from Mirzapur, which in local language is known as “Chunar”. An enormous Gothic styled dome is positioned in the middle of this palatial structure. The facade of the dome is adorned with various images carved from sandstone. These play a huge part in making it visually appealing. The portico of Vidhan Bhawan, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Lucknow, consists of three archways topped by the state emblem which is carved in marble. The roof is also as beautiful as the dome, as it is decorated with numerous figures of dancing peacocks. The entrance hall is also marked on both sides by circular marble staircases. The arches on the lower part of the structure do well to lend it utmost grace and style.

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Best Time to Visit

Vidhan Sabha, or the state assembly, is located in the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Although it can be visited throughout the year, the best time to visit it entirely depends on you. If you decide to plan a trip to Lucknow during the summer season, you should remember that it can get very hot during this time, with temperatures averaging 42°C. The heat can put off many people, but you can visit it during this time if you are not bothered by it. During the winter season, however, the entire state, just like most parts of India, experiences cold weather, which is loved by both domestic and international tourists. Plan a trip during this time if cool weather is what you like.

How to Reach?

Vidhan Sabha is located in the city of Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It enjoys good train, air and road connectivity to cities located in close proximity as well as those in other parts of India.

By Train: The major railway station of Lucknow is Lucknow Junction Railway Station, which runs trains to all the major cities of India. After arriving at the railway station, you can hire a taxi or any other private vehicle to take you to Vidhan Sabha. The drive should not take you more than 11 minutes.

By Air: Lucknow has its own airport called Chaudhary Charan International Airport, which is located at a distance of almost 15.5 km, a drive which should take you not more than 32 minutes. You can easily hire taxi or any other private vehicle to take you to the airport.

By Road: Lucknow is well connected by road to cities located in close proximity like Jhansi (316 km), Kanpur (86 km), Varanasi (280 km) and Agra (323 km). You can reach Lucknow from Kanpur and Jhansi via NH 27. If you are coming from Varanasi, you will have to take NH 30, while Agra is connected to Lucknow via Agra Lucknow Expressway.

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