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Chhota Imambara Lucknow

With a stunning white Mughal architecture adorned with a golden dome on the top and exquisite calligraphy on its exterior, Chhota Imambara is one of the top tourist attractions in Lucknow. Also known as Hussainabad Imambara, this marvelous structure is basically a congregation hall which was erected in the year 1838 for Shia Muslims by the Nawab of Awadh - Muhammad Ali Shah. Located in the west (some 2 km) of Asafi Imambara, this popular historical landmark in Lucknow also serves as the resting place of Muhammad Ali Shah and his mother. The Imamabara boasts an exquisite construction which is beautifully adorned with several turrets, gilded dome, and chandeliers. At present, Chhota Imambara is reckoned to be one of the must-visit places in Lucknow, mainly because of its grandeur and interesting historical significance. On the special occasions and festivals, the building is festooned with beautiful decoration and is often touted as Palace of Lights. Inside the Imamabar, there is located the crown of Muhammad Ali Shah.


Chhota Imambara is built in the Mughal architectural style on an elevated platform. The complex is adorned with two imposing minarets erected on the edge of the platform. Along with that, the exterior of the mosque is exquisitely decorated with Quranic calligraphy and floral motifs. The structure of this famous tourist site in Lucknow also includes several turrets and a gilded dome on the top. Coming to the interior of the mosque, it includes stunning stuccos and gilt-edged mirrors. There is also a Tomb of Princess Zinat Algiya, Satkhanda, Satkhanda (watch tower), Hussainabad Mosque, and Naubat Khana (ceremonial gateway). Shehnasheen is one of two halls in Chhota Imambara which serves as the resting place of Zarih of Imam Hussain.

The other hall is Azakhana which is ornamented with stunning glass lamps and chandeliers. It is believed that these chandeliers were brought from Belgium. The Tomb of Princess Zinat Algiya is another highlight of this historical tourist place in Lucknow. There are also graves of Muhammad Shah Ali’s son, his two sons-in-law, and his wife. The tomb is said to be the replica of Taj Mahal. Satkhanda is another major structure of the imposing Imambara. It is a watchtower which was supposed to be of seven stories but during the 4th storey construction of this tower, Muhammad Shah Ali died.

As a result of that, the watchtower was left abandoned which can still be seen. It was the desire of Nawab to make it a replica of Leaning Tower of Pisa and Qutub Minar of Delhi.

Location Address

Hussainabad Road, Daulatganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003, India

Visiting Timings

Chhota Imambara remains open all days of the week. The opening and closing timings of Imambara remain the same throughout the year. One can visit the place any time between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for Chhota Imambara differs for Indian and foreign tourists.

  • For Indian Children, the entry fee is 25 INR per head.
  • For Indian adults, the entry fee is 50 INR per head.
  • For foreign tourists, the entry fee is 500 INR per head. The charges include entry to Bara Imambara, Pictura Gallery, Chhota Imambara and Shahi Hamam.

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