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A city of Nawabs, the pride of Awadh, Lucknow is a royal affair with travelling. From its Lucknowi Tehzeeb (etiquettes of Lucknow), its lip-smacking food to its medieval era monuments and modern architectural marvels, this tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh, is everything you need for a royal vacation amidst the royalties of the city. The capital city offers the perfect fusion of heritage and culture along with its popular tourist attractions like Imambara, Marine drive and patent delicacy of Galouti Kebab at Tunday Kababi, and Chikankari work.

An Insight into Lucknow Tourism

Once the capital of Awadh region and the home to Nawabs of Awadh and now the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is quite popular for its etiquettes and warm hospitality. With the tagline, “Smile, you are in Lucknow”, this charming city welcomes its visitors to some of the most amazing tourist attractions in India. Lucknow which is blessed with several heritage sites has witnessed the eruption of some of the most fascinating modern marvels. Get down at the airport or railway station and you will realise that it is not your usual destination. Being a strategic centre for Delhi Sultanate then Mughals and finally Nawabs, this tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh has preserved history of each era meticulously. From its mysterious Bhul Bhulaiya to the alluring Bada and Chota Imambara to Rumi Darwaza, the city has preserved its old rustic charm with utter care. While the old heritage sites stand tall, many new architectural marvels have risen to become the major tourist attractions in the city.

The Ambedkar Park and the Marine Drive on the banks of River Gomti are two of the most famous tourism places in Lucknow. Other than this, the old town area is full of buildings which reflect the culture and heritage of the city. The Havelis of the royal family and nobleman still stand tall, some under the possession of new tenants while some still house the old noble lineage. Apart from the monuments, the vintage city has also been hailed for its handicrafts, majorly for Chikankari work and zardosi which has become one of the most trending embroidery styles. Once done with the places and handicrafts, the next pleasing thing to do in Lucknow is to try its local delicacies which haven’t lost their authentic taste even after so many years. The delicacies in Lucknow include Mughal and Awadhi dishes. The city is truly a paradise for food lovers and those who like to enjoy the charm of bygone era.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Lucknow

Tourist attractions in Lucknow are a blend of medieval architecture and modern-day marvels. From sightseeing tour of medieval era monuments to exploring the contemporary architecture of the tourist attractions, Lucknow has plenty in store. One of the must do things in Lucknow is exploring the lip-smacking local cuisines.

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