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Top Tourist Attractions in Sarnath

An unsurpassed peace surrounds as you reach Sarnath. It is a Buddhist tourism destination which also feels like a breath of fresh air, away from the clamour of Varanasi. Counted as one of the four holiest Buddhist sites, this religious place is ideal for performing a pilgrimage. However, Sarnath is  more than that to a traveller. The village in Uttar Pradesh, offers an incredible walk back in history with its top attractions like Dhamek Stupa and Archaeological Museum. The Monastery Ruins & Ruins of Dharmarajika Stupa offer a vivid picture of the importance of Sarnath in ancient times.

When visiting Sarnath, one of the top things to do is to visit the Buddhist Temples made my different Buddhist countries around the world. Beginning from Tibetan Monastery to Korean Monastery, this must visit place in Uttar Pradesh will fill you with awe and knowledge. Sarnath's one of the major attractions is the Bodhi Tree, the offshoot of the Bodhi Tree in Bihar where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Another must-see sacred place is situated about a kilometre away from the site which is recognized as the birthplace of Shreyansanath, the Eleventh Tirthankara of Jainism.

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