Tibetan Temple Sarnath

Constructed in the year 1955, Tibetan Temple is one of the highly revered pilgrimage sites in Sarnath. Located close to the main market, this popular Buddhist temple in Sarnath is presently under the administration of Lhadhan Chotrul Monlam Chenmo Trust. Built in a traditional Tibetan architectural design, the temple includes some striking features. The entrance of the temple is guarded and beautifully adorned with intricate carvings of two lions. As you enter the temple, there you can see a large open compound which houses a light pink stupa. It is said that the stupa is built by Tibetans to commemorate and to show their gratitude to the Indian Government for giving asylum to Dalai Lama. Not just this, the stupa was also built to pay homage to all those people who sacrificed their lives during the Tibetan Independence Movement.

Along with that, the architecture of this popular Buddhist pilgrimage site in Sarnath also includes stunning frescoes of Buddhist deities on the wall of the temple. Inside the temple complex, there is a large image of Sakyamuni Buddha in a resting position. The temple is also adorned with Tibetan Buddhist paintings on the walls and ceilings that are one of the key features. Like most of the Buddhist shrines, Tibetan Temple also includes prayer wheels. On rotating these wheels in the clockwise direction, the paper scrolls release with the sacred chants written on them. On a whole, Tibetan Temple is one of the must-visit places in Sarnath for people of all ages and communities as the place offers a true essence of spirituality, which is a must in today's chaotic world.

Location Address

Sarnath, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221007, India.

Visiting Timings

Tibetan Temple stays open all days a week from sunrise till sunset.

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee

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