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Top Tourist Attractions in Meerut

Steeped in history, Meerut is a fast developing city that sits at close proximity to Delhi and the historically opulent Hastinapur. Meerut rose to popularity at the time of 1857 revolt as the land of Mangal Pandey. Today, the city is though known more like the largest producer of sports equipment in India. However, it still offers some interesting places to visit for a walk back in history. The nearby Parikshitgarh is one of the major tourist attraction. Other than this, Meerut is dotted with some incredible gardens like the Victoria Park and Gandhi Bagh which not only enhance the beauty of this tourism destination in Uttar Pradesh but also offer both tourists and locals places to hang out with family and loved ones.

The nearby attraction of Sardhana, a Christian pilgrimage site is also a popular place to visit. Hastinapur, the kingdom of the Kauravas of the Mahabharata fame, is also at close proximity to Meerut. There a number of attractions to see in Hastinapur like Old Pandeshwar temple, the Karan temple, Digambar Jain temple, and Lotus Temple. Apart from it, as discussed earlier, Meerut is a thriving hub of sports equipment, which can make for unique souvenirs to take back. The city also has malls which can be visited, although, for an authentic shopping experience, one must visit Abulane and Sadar Market in Meerut.

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