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Naimisharanya Travel Guide

Naimisharanya occupies a significant place in Hindu mythology. From Sita Kund and Chakratirth to Hanuman Garhi Lalita Devi Temple, it is known for housing some of the most sacred sites that are visited by a large number of devotees round the year. A vacation to this pilgrimage center is a unique spiritual experience that one could ever wish to savour. With ancient and also the most sacred tourist attraction, Naimisharanya is one of the most visited travel destinations in Uttar Pradesh.

An Insight into Naimisharanya Tourism

It is the serenity and spirituality of a pilgrimage site that draws you towards it. When you are in Naimisharanya, you find yourself overcome by an intense spiritual aura as the town is said to be one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage centres in India. As per the folklore, it is where 33 Hindu gods and goddesses reside.  Located on the banks of Gomti River, Naimisharanya, for Hindus, is said to be the most sacred of all the pilgrim centres in India. The town also finds a mention in various Hindu scriptures like the Puranas and Mahabharata, making Naimisharanya one of the prime holy places to visit in Uttar Pradesh for scholars, devotees and sages. Not just this, it is also believed that the town has the blessings of Lord Brahma to remain untouched from the mayhem of Kalyug (present age of the world).

At present, Naimisharanya is one of the top tourist attractions in Uttar Pradesh, because of the enormous sacred significance attached to it. Throughout the year, large crowds of devotees visit the place to sanctify their soul and achieve moksha. Today, the town of Naimisharanya houses numerous pilgrimage sites which comprise temples, ashrams and holy ponds. Lalita Devi Temple is the most famous holy shrine in the region that remains thronged with countless devotees from far and wide. Besides, Dashashwamedh Ghat and Sita Kund are also two major hallowed tourist places in the town. Along with that, Naimisharanya has several ashrams that teach people about spiritual education through various activities. Being a hub of culture, customs and traditions, Naimisharanya is one of the must-visit destinations in Uttar Pradesh.

Top Tourist Attractions in Naimisharanya

Naimisharanya is one of the ancient holy towns in Uttar Pradesh with numerous sacred sites in its fold. Most of these places are related to historical legends that make them the top tourist attractions of the region.

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