Chakratirth Naimisharanya

Chakratirth is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage sites in Uttar Pradesh. It is believed to be the place where 8000 sages worshipped god and performed penance at the same time. According to a mythological tale, it is the same place where the wheel (chakra) of Lord Brahma made an opening in the earth, thereby resulting in the creation of an enormous body of weather. A holy dip in the water of this pond is believed to sanctify one’s mind, body and soul. Around the complex of Chakratirth, there are other sacred sites which also happen to be the top tourist attractions in Uttar Pradesh.


As per the folklore, once rishis (sages) were troubled by the Asuras (demons) while performing penance. As a result of that, sages approached Lord Brahma, who created a Chakra (holy wheel) with the sun’s rays. He asked the sages to follow the Chakra until it came to a stop. According to Lord Brahma, wherever the disc landed, sages could live there peacefully. Chakratirth is said to be the place where the holy wheel rested and developed a large source of water. However, the water flow was too high, and hence, the sages again approached Lord Brahma to help them. He asked them to visit Goddess Lalita Devi who re-established the Chakra to control the water flow. In this way, Chakratirth, the famous sacred site in Uttar Pradesh, was formed.


Misrikh-cum-Neemsar, Uttar Pradesh 261402, India.

Opening & Closing Timings

The sacred site of Chakratirth stays open from Sunday to Saturday, i.e., all days a week. Tourists can visit the place on any day from morning to evening.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Chakratirth is the winter season, which starts from October and ends in March. The cool, calm and pleasant weather makes sightseeing in Naimisharanya very exciting.

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee.

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