Hanuman Garhi Naimisharanya

Naimisharanya is dotted with several sacred pilgrimage sites, and Hanuman Garhi is one of them. Devoted to Lord Hanuman, it is an ancient sacred site in Naimisharanya that possesses a rich mythological significance. The theme of this temple is a mythological event which depicts the emergence of Lord Hanuman from Patal Lok (underworld). In this event, he is accompanied by Lord Ram and his brother, Lord Laxmana, after defeating Ahiravana. One of the main attractions of this renowned Hindu temple in Uttar Pradesh is the stone idol of Lord Hanuman carrying Lord Rama and Lakshman on his shoulder. Hanuman Garhi is often referred to as Dakshineshwar Temple as the presiding deity of the temple faces the south (dakshin) direction. Besides its religious significance, the temple also draws a lot of tourists because of the peaceful aura enveloping it.


Misrikh Neemsar, Uttar Pradesh 261402, India.

Opening & Closing Timings

The temple of Hanuman Garhi remains accessible for tourists throughout the year. Devotees can visit the shrine on any day from Sunday to Saturday between sunrise to sunset.

Best Time to Visit

Hanuman Garhi can be visited any time during the year. The best time to visit the shrine is the winter season, which starts in the month of October and ends in the month of February. The weather is cool and pleasant during this time.

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