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Ganga Mahotsav Festival in Uttar Pradesh

Boasting a beautiful amalgamation of culture, traditions and heritage, Ganga Mahotsav is one of those major events in Uttar Pradesh that are just surreal in all aspect. Proffers such a magical experience which can’t be put out in words, Ganga Mahotsav is observed for a period of five days in Varanasi on the bank of the pristine Ganga River. The festival commences fifteen days after the biggest Hindu festival, Diwali in the month of October or November. Basically, Ganga Mahotsav is a cultural extravaganza which celebrates the holy River Ganges. The festival also observed to welcome the Hindu deities that are believed to descend on this day on earth and take a holy bathe in the water of River Ganga. For that, thousands of earthen lights and burning candles are placed on the steps that lead into the River Ganges. Along with that, as a custom, the earthen lights can also be seen floating on the pristine water of the river. In the backdrop, the continuous chanting of prayers and mantras make this gleaming sight even more magical that can only be relished at Ganga Mahotsava.

This Uttar Pradesh’s popular festival is a must-visit celebration for people of every kind. The festival brings the enticing culture and craft of different regions of India together in one place. For that, the festival hosts a number of cultural programmes and performances along with the display of art and crafts for tourists. Besides, Ganga Mahotsav also proffers something to food connoisseurs; the stalls of authentic cuisines from different regions of India are enough to hold food buffs to this festival. Furthermore, for youngsters, Ganga Mahotsav hosts a number of sports including boating, kite flying, wrestling, and Ganga marathon. However, the major highlight of this festival is the Ganga aarti that takes place in the evening at Dashashwamedh Ghat. Throughout the period of this festival, people can be often seen taking a dip into the sacred of the river in the morning. It is believed that a holy in the River Ganga sanctify one’s mind, body and soul. On the fifth day of this famous Hind festival in Varanasi, rangolis from earthen lamps and flower petals and made by the people. In the evening, a beautiful show of fireworks bids a perfect adieu to this festival.

Celebration Dates & Timings:

Ganga Mahotsav is celebrated in the month of October/November. It starts fifteen days prior to the festival of Diwali. However, the date changes every year.

Highlights of the Festival:
  • A huge Ganga aarti is observed during the time of Ganga Mahotsav.
  • Various cultural programmes are organized at the festival.
  • Numerous stalls are put up at the festival exhibiting the culture and art of various regions of the country.
  • A number of sports activities like kite flying, wrestling and boating are organized at Ganga Mahotsav.
  • Authentic cuisines of different states of the country can also be savoured at this festival.
  • As a ritual, earthen lamps are floated in the pristine water of the River Ganga.

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