Charan Pahari Nandgaon

Amongst numerous sacred religious sites in Mathura district, the hill of Charan Pahari in Nandgaon is a significant name which is renowned for the impressions of the feet of Lord Krishna. Located on the southwest side of Nandgaon, also known as Nandagram, this sacred tourist destination has a legend that dates back to the time when Lord Krishna used to reside here. After entering the cave of Luk Luka Khandar, Lord Krishna reached atop the hill where he played his flute. The melodious sound of the flute broke the meditation of sakhis who then wanted to catch the sight of him playing the flute. It is believed that the sound of the flute melted the entire hill and the impressions of Lord Krishna’s feet manifested here. Not just this, it is also said that the nearby hill where all the sakhis were playing also melted as a result of the sweet sound that came out of Lord Krishna’s flute. This hill includes the impressions of feet and hooves of sakhis.

Opening / Closing Timings

Charan Pahari opens all days from morning to evening.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists can visit the place any time during the year, yet, the most ideal time to visit Charan Pahari is the winter season. Commencing in the month of October, the season enjoys a pleasant weather condition in the entire state which is favourable for tourism. The season ends in the month of March.

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