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Top Tourist Attractions in Nandgaon

The blessed land of Lord Krishna, Nandgaon in Uttar Pradesh is an unmissable destination. Famed for its temple that is perched on a hillock, Nandgaon has been home to Lord Krishna for 9 years and 50 days after he was brought out of Gokul by his foster father, Nanda. Nandgaon is out and out a religious place and is best combined with Mathur and Vrindavan Tour or as a part of Braj Darshan Tour. The Nandisvera Temple that sits on the top of the hill has a shivalinga, as according to mythology Lord Shiva requested Lord Krishna to stay in Nandgaon as a hill.

Another important place to visit in Nandgaon is Nanda Bhavan or Nandagram Temple where devotees perform a pilgrimage. Nandgaon has a small yet sacred lake called Pavana Sarovar near the hill that makes for another religious site to see in this tourism destination in Uttar Pradesh. There is another important attraction called Charan Pahari that is thronged by devotees in large number. It is a place with an impression of a foot which is believed to be that of Lord Krishna himself.

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