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Chandrika Devi Temple Lucknow

On the banks of Gomti River, Chandrika Devi Temple is one of the oldest and the most popular pilgrimage sites in Lucknow. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, Chandrika Devi Temple is said to be more than 300 years old. The idol of the presiding deity of the temple is carved out of a rock and includes three heads. This renowned Hindu sacred site in Lucknow also has its mention in various Hindu scriptures, Skanda and Karma Puran. Throughout the year, this famous tourist site in Lucknow remains dotted with a large crowd of devotees. The crowd gets doubled up on the auspicious days of Amavasya and Navratri. On these days, a number of religious activities are observed in and around the temple. Pilgrims from far and wide come to offer their prayers. Also, on these days various religious rituals like 'hawan' and 'mundan' can be seen performing by the pilgrims. A grand fair is also organized at the temple on these pious days in the month March/April and October/November. On the whole, Chandrika Devi Temple is one of the best places to visit in Lucknow for an amazing spiritual time.


The exact origin of this popular Hindu temple is Lucknow is yet to be known. However, the present construction of the shrine traces its history some 300 years back. It is said that, before the construction of the current temple, there was just the dense forest. Once a local from Kathwara village who saw a dream of Chandrika Devi, and hence, decided to build a temple. However, the idol of the presiding deity was founded by another village, which was later installed in this temple.


As per the folklore, once the elder son of Shri Lakshmana, who was also the founder of Lucknow, was passing through River Gomti with a horse, Ashwamegh. In the route, the climate got dark and he took shelter in the dense forest. During this time, he prayed to Chandrika Devi for his safety. After some time, the climate became clear and the Goddess Chandrika appeared in front of him. As per the legend, the temple original temple of Goddess Chandrika was built in that era. However, it was later demolished in the 12th-century by the invaders.

Another legend associated with this must-visit tourist site in Lucknow is that in Dwapar Yug, Lord Krishna told the son of Ghatotkacha, Barbeek, about the Tirth to acquire power. This is the place where he worshipped Goddess Chandrika for continuous 3 years in order to get supreme power.

Location Address

A-42, Jail Rd, Sector J, Ashiyana, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226012, India.

Opening & Closing Timings

For tourists, the temple of Chandrika Devi stays open for all days a week, i.e., from Sunday to Saturday. Tourists can visit the place on any day from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

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