Buddha Temples Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh has two popular Buddhist temples. These are Buddha Dharmankur Sabha and Budh Vihar Temple on Risaldar Road. Of these, the former is the oldest temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. The Buddhist Temple in Lucknow was established by Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha in the year 1907 through the dedication and efforts of a monk called Bir Kripa Saran Bhikshu. Inside the temple you come across various statues of Lord Buddha seated against the background of Dharmachakra (Buddhist Wheel of Life). The atmosphere is as you would expect in any other Buddhist monastery, serene and calm. You can visit the monastery, pay respects and try meditating for some time if you feel like it.

The other temple dedicated to Lord Buddha is Buddha Vihar Temple at Risaldar Park. If you are looking for some tranquillity, then just make your way to this monastery. This monastery also has a historical significance because it was visited by Babasaheb Ambedkar twice during his lifetime. The main area of the temple, or the sanctum sanctorum, consists of a seated statue of Gautam Buddha. On the plinth there are various depictions of the followers of Lord Buddha. Behind the statue, there are several posters of the Buddha, each depicting him in a different way. To the right hand side of the statue stands the bust of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for his tireless efforts to promote Buddhism among the deprived sections of the society. There is a moderately sized seating area for devotees and monks, and they can often been seen holding discussions.

Popular Nearby Tourist Attractions

As a tourist, there is not a dull moment to be had in Lucknow. The city is dotted with monuments and structures and other places which are important historically and aesthetically. After visiting the Buddhist Temples in Lucknow, here are some of the other places which you can check out.

  • Tombs of Saadat Ali Khan & Khurshid Zadi
  • Shaheed Smarak
  • Dilkusha
  • Lord Hanuman Temples of Aliganj
  • Charbagh Railway Station
  • Vidhan Bhawan
  • Gurudwara Yahiyaganj
  • Sikandar Bagh
  • National Botanical Research Institute
  • La Martiniere
  • Jain Temples
Best Time to Visit

As a religious place, these temples can certainly be visited throughout the year. During the summers, however, it can get extremely hot. The average temperature during this time is 42°C. If however, you are not daunted by hot weather conditions, you can plan a trip to Lucknow during this time.

With the arrival of winters, Lucknow, and for that matter, the entire state of Uttar Pradesh receives cool and amicable weather. For many people, this is the perfect time to plan a trip here as the conditions are just right for sightseeing and exploration.

How to Reach?

Both of these famous Buddha temples are located in Lucknow, which is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. It is well-connected by train, air and road to all the major cities of India as well as those located in close proximity. If you are looking for the best way to reach this city, here it is.

By Train:The major railway station in Lucknow is the Lucknow Junction Railway Station. Both the Buddhist temples are located at a distance of just 2 km approx from the railway station. You can easily hire a taxi or any other private vehicle outside the station to reach this temple.

By Air: The major airport in Lucknow is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. It operates flights to all the major cities of India as well as those abroad. After landing at the airport, you can easily a taxi or any other private vehicle to reach these Buddhist Temples. The entire drive should not take you about 30 minutes.

By Road: It is very easy to reach Lucknow by road, as it is well-connected to all the major cities of India as well as those that are located nearby it like Jhansi (316 km), Agra (323 km), Kanpur (86 km) and Varanasi (280 km). Lucknow is connected to Kanpur and Jhansi via NH 27. If you are coming from Varanasi, then you will have to take NH 30. Lucknow is connected to Agra via the Agra Lucknow Expressway.

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