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Sambalpur Travel Guide

Widely known for its Sambalpuri Saree, the city is located in the western part of Odisha and lies on the Banks of River Mahanadi. The city was once a diamond trading center in the 2nd century and hence Sambalpur was also known as Hirakund or Land of Diamonds. Due to its unique pattern, design and texture, the city has gained international fame and this is what makes it a must visit and popular tourist destination in Odisha.

An Insight into Sambalpur Tourism

Abounding in lush green forests, exquisite wildlife & monuments, the magnificent array of hills and waterfalls, folk songs and dances accompanied by lyrical music in various forms are vigorous and inspiring, Sambalpur has all that can quench your wander thirst. The city was referred to as ‘Sambalak’ in the 2nd Century AD by a Greek Geographer Ptolemy. and 'Sambhal' in the medieval Tibetan literature.

Being one of the oldest cities of India, the city was annexed to the British empire under the "Doctrine of lapse" in the year 1849.  Other than this, Sambalpur was once a diamond hub during the ancient time and the city's name is originated by heavenly goddess Samaleswari. The town is even a renowned textile district of Odisha and its tie and dye Ikat art is admired worldwide which is named as Sambalpuri. This artwork depicts the considerable blending of colours that show the richness of patterns and designs. The most popular amongst all is the colorful Sambalpuri saree which is preferred by women out there. A visit to Samaleswari Temple would fill you up with sanctity and tranquility to your journey ahead.

The temple is located on the Mahanadi River and is revered since old times. Visiting the temple between September and October and between March and April you can witness the outstanding festival-cum-fair which is celebrated by the locals and tourists from across the globe come and be a part of the fest.

Sambalpur is also a perfect tourist destination for the wildlife enthusiasts as Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary which is at a distance of 22 km from Sambalpur, you can take a tour by spotting elephants, wild bears, sambars, deer and other animals.  Also, a visit to the wildlife sanctuary would lend you up experiencing the nature retreat in the lush greenery.

For shopaholics, Sambalpur offers a lot of scope with the brilliant diversity of shopping goods as well as shopping areas and markets. Visiting the city don’t miss out on shopping from Gole Bazaar where you just cannot make a move without making a single purchase. The Sambalpur tour would take you along with natural splendor unspoiled by modern commercial development which is in the midst of nature in all its glory.

Popular Tourist Attractions & Places to See in Sambalpur

With a rich tradition, captivating attractions and natural beauty, Sambalpur open arms to people from all across the globe. Get mesmerised by the profound by the profound flora and fauna and the opulent culture that would lure your heart away. Hence Sambalpur sightseeing is incomplete without visiting the following landmarks including Maa Ghanteswari Temple, Huma Temple, Pradhan Path Falls, Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary and so on.

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