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Best Time to Visit Konark

Every corner of Odisha is covered in the calm and spiritual aura of its many beaches and temples; that probably makes it one of the reasons why pilgrims love coming here for a vacation. The state is home to some of the most charming districts, one out of which is the Puri district where lies Konark, a town which houses the famous tourist attraction, Sun Temple. The town nestled on the coast by the Bay of Bengal is most visited by travellers for this temple and the beaches that are tucked to it. The months of September to March are considered the best time to visit Konark.


If you are planning for a vacation to Konark in summers, then get ready to experience high humidity. The temperature from late March to June ranges between 40 °C and 43 °C and hence travellers avoid visiting Konark during this season. However, the evenings in Konark are considered to be pleasant as the town has a tropical climate.


Its when the soothing rain pours in Konark from July to September that makes it one of the best time to visit. The town experience a temperature drop of up to 12 °C accompanied by mild air that brings a new charm to the land.


Everyone would agree that winter is the best time to visit Konark. January to March are among those months that add an otherworldly beauty to the land of Konark with the temperature dropping to 15° C.

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