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The ASI Museum Odisha

Head to The ASI Museum in Konark if you wish to spend a day amidst the history and culture of Odisha. Established in the year 1968, ASI Museum is located near the Konark temple and is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. Being located in the near proximity to Konark Temple, The ASI Museum is the perfect getaway to visit in the region. The museum imparts tourists about the rich history of Konark Temple through its remnants. In total, the museum includes 4 galleries showcasing more than 260 sculptures and architectural assortments that were traced during the clearance work of Konark Temple. With its unique display of arts and artefacts, this museum is one of the most popular places amongst history lovers in Odisha.

The first gallery in ASI Museum boasts a massive collection of around 62 antiquities. Amongst them, the most prominent ones are the sandstone image of Surya, a Kandolite wheel, and different incarnation of Lord Vishnu. However, the second gallery includes 108 antiquities reconstructed temple’s wall, the head of the crocodile, and a drummer. Moreover, the third gallery exhibits 45 objects including images of Surya Narayan, celestial nymphs, Gaja Vyala, and numerous erotic figures. Lastly, the fourth gallery also holds a great exhibition of 45 artefacts which include a roaring lion, images of Surya, erotic couples, and a man tied by the elephant trunk. Apart from the galleries, the corridor of the museum also boasts a display of several archaeological images and relics.

Visiting Timing:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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