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Sekta Archaeological Living Museum Imphal

Also known as the Sekta Kei, The Sekta Archaeological Living Museum is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Imphal, which is famed as drawing attention of archaeologists, historians and tourists from across the globe. Visiting the museum, tourists come across rare and unfamiliar antiques detailing the history of the tribes of the 14th and 15th century which truly appears to be fascinating in its own way. Exploring the different sections in the museum gives the tourists the detailed insight about the tradition and rituals which the tribe followed during that time for their existence. Even though it is believed to be a burial site, the place has some vibes that grabs the attention of the visitors. One could spot an uncommon collection of human skulls, semi-precious stones, ornaments, pottery and metal equipment belonging to the erstwhile period are well-preserved in the museum which could be weird but interesting at the same time. Not just this, but the museum also has artefacts belonging to the ex-Meitei and Naga rulers, and memories of the Indian National Army. Adding to this, the land on which the Sekta Archaeological Living Museum stands was initially an excavated site, jointly unearthed by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the State Archaeology Department.

How to Reach?

One could avail the public transport facility to make it to the Sekta Archaeological Living when in Imphal.

Best Time to Visit?

Can be visited all throughout the year, but consider visiting the Sekta Archaeological Living Museum during the winter season i.e., between November and February to make the most out of your trip to Imphal.

Visiting Time

The museum opens at sunrise i.e., 05:30 AM and closes at sunset i.e., 04:30 PM. (All the days of the week).

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee to Sekta Archaeological Living Museum.

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