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Manipur Zoological Gardens Imphal

Mostly commonly called the ‘Jewel Box’ Manipur, the Zoological Garden was established on 2nd October 1976 and since then it specialises in the preservation and breeding of rare species. In the sense, the Manipur Zoological Garden is a home to about 400 common and rare species of animals and birds. Visiting the garden, once could see the lush greenery all around and feel relaxed in the calm atmosphere as it is surrounded by the hills on all the sides. Sprawling over a large area, the garden provides shelter to the Eld's Deer which is also called Thamin. Other than this, one could even spot the Slow Loris, Himalayan Bear, Python, Hoolock Gibbon, Flying Squirrel and Leopard Cat and more. Also, along with the animals the garden is a home to the rare bird species called Nongin and 55 other bird species that keeps the atmosphere chirpy and melodious.

How to Reach?

One could avail the public transport facility to make it to the Manipur Zoological Garden when in Imphal.

Best Time to Visit?

Although the museum can be visited at any time of the year, but consider visiting during the winter season between November and February letting one enjoy salubrious weather.

Visiting Time

Tourists can make a visit to the Manipur Zoological Garden at any day of the week except Mondays between 10:00 AM and 04:30 PM.

Entry Fees

The entry to Manipur Zoological Garden is INR 4 (Adults), INR 3 for (Children) INR 10 (Camera), Rs. 1000 (Video).

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