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Ice Skating Carnival Shimla

With its plethora of adventurous activities and adrenaline pumping games, the Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest festivals where you can enjoy the magic of the snow-clad Himalayan winters.

About Ice Skating Carnival Shimla

The Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla is a time for thrill, excitement and adventure. As the first flakes of snow fall on the hilly slopes and the lush greenery starts to fade away under the thick white blanket, the carnival begins and the city comes alive with a cheerful and vibrant ambiance. The former colonial era summer capital boasts a massive Natural Ice Skating Rink that turns into a bustling hotspot adorned with adventure buffs and thrill seekers.

This majestic Ice Skating Rink is managed by the Shimla Ice Skating Club who are also the hosts of the Ice Skating Carnival. You can test your nerves and get an unimaginable level of dopamine rush by participating in the various Ice Skating competitions held in the rink, or you can just sit back and witness the thrilling end to end games that showcase the rare mixture of skill and bravery. These thrilling and extremely exciting Ice Skating sessions are usually held twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

If you want a short break to catch your breaths from the high-voltage drama of the Ice Skating games, the Ice Skating Carnival won't disappoint you. Rather, it will shower you with a myriad of exciting activities and programs that act as the perfect rest stops such as the soul-pleasing dance performances, colorful and visually pampering fancy dress competitions, engaging Ice Hockey matches and nerve wracking Skiing activities. One thing's for sure, the Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla promises you a memorable experience amidst the snow-covered Himalayan slopes as well as an exciting winter getaway full of fun and frolic.

Special Highlights of the Festival:

  • The Ice Skating Rink in Shimla is the only Natural Ice Skating Rink in Asia.
  • The Ice Skating Rink provides memberships on both short term and long-term basis for a nominal fee along with basic Ice Skating equipments like skates, caps and kneepads.
  • The Ice Skating Club of Shimla has been organizing the Ice Skating Carnival for more than 60 years.
  • The hanging balloon of the Municipal Building acts as a signal of whether Ice Skating will take place on that day or not.
  • The Ice Skating games are only allowed to be played if the sky is clear and the weather is cold, as this is the only condition which results in the hard and dry ice, suitable for Ice Skating.
  • The Ice Skating Rink and the Ice Skating Carnival have been the shooting venues of numerous popular Bollywood movies and songs.

Festival Dates/Months

The Ice Skating Carnival is held in Shimla every year from the first week of December to the last week of February.

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