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Sazo Festival Himachal

One of the most anticipated festivals of Himachal Pradesh, the Sazo is a religious festival celebrated with great ecstasy and joy to mark the passage of the local deities towards heaven.

About Sazo Festival Himachal

Sazo is an ancient festival celebrated in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its exotic rituals, grand cultural celebrations and lip-smacking feasts. The locals believe that during this festival, the deities go to heaven for a short period of time. On this day, the whole district is gripped in an extreme religious fervor, and a spiritual ambience dominates the atmosphere.

In Kinnaur, the day of the festival is considered very sacred and auspicious. People take their baths in the natural hot springs and some even go the Satluj River to cleanse their bodies and souls. The temples and houses of the region are properly cleaned, as it is believed by the natives that these sites become the resting places of the deities on this day. The temple doors are kept closed and the priests go door to door to offer their blessings. The people worship their gods and goddesses in their homes, three times during the entire day. In the morning, the family deity is worshipped and food is offered to Him, which is prepared using only grains and vegetables. The deity is worshipped again in the afternoon. In the evening, the people take their gods and goddesses outside their homes and pray for their blessings. The deities are offered 'wine' and 'halwa' during this holy ritual, which is then followed by a vigorous celebrations involving music and dance.

After the rituals and celebrations are over, it is believed that the deities start their journeys towards heaven in the majestic Kinnaur Kailash Mountains. It also offers you the chance to understand the significance of religion and faith for the people living in these harsh conditions.

Special Highlights of the Festival:

  • On the occasion of the Sazo festival, the priests are deeply worshipped as they are considered as the representatives of gods. They are also offered grains and other food items as a mark of respect.
  • The food offered to the Gods during this festival comprises mainly of rice, pulses, vegetables and halwa.

Festival Dates/Months

The Sazo festival is celebrated annually in the month of January.

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