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Shimla Summer Festival Himachal

A flamboyant event of festivities, colorful celebrations, scrumptious cuisines, spellbinding musical performances, fashion shows and much more, the Shimla Summer Festival greets you with a sight of the 'Himalayan Queen' never seen before.

About Shimla Summer Festival Himachal

A grand festival celebrated with much fervor and gusto, the Shimla Summer Festival is a tribute to the gods for a bountiful harvest. It also marks the arrival of the summer season in the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Started in 1960, this colorful fiesta allures and delights tourists with its grand revelries and mesmerizing musical shows performed by artists from different corners of the country. Some of the most popular artists to have graced this event in the past with their larger than life performances and magnetic personalities are Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. This musical gala also provides budding singers and musicians a platform to showcase their talents to the whole world.

Nature lovers also have a lot to look forward to at Shimla Summer Festival. A beautiful Flower Show is also organized. The blooming flowers and orchards contribute towards the charm of the town, and gift you with a delightful experience. For fashionistas and shopping fanatics, the Shimla Summer Festival is a must-see event. From a wide exhibition of marvellously designed works created by local designers to a variety of traditional arts and crafts items to choose from, the Shimla Summer Festival showcases the richness of the local talent.

If you are still hungry for more, you can also check out the Summer Festival's exotic fashion shows. Want to hone your dancing skills? The Summer Festival provides you with a Lit musical scene where you can groove to your favorite soundtracks. For adventure buffs and thrill seekers, the Summer Festival organizes a huge sports tournament. You can also try your hand at ice-skating.

Apart from this, the Summer Festival also delights you with other fun and interesting activities like the dog shows where you can witness many exquisite dog species, along with poster making competitions where you can relive your childhood and fulfill all your artistic ambitions. The Shimla Summer Festival is also a favorite hotspot of foodies. Pamper your taste-buds with the numerous delicious and lip-smacking dishes offered here. Thus, it will not be incorrect to say that a visit to the Shimla Summer Festival will undoubtedly leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Special Highlights of the Festival:

  • The Shimla Summer Festival is a five-day carnival.
  • At the musical shows organized during this festival, you can also listen to the soulful folk music performed by the local tribes of this region.
  • With its numerous fun and engaging activities, the Shimla Summer Festival is also an alluring destination for children.
  • Many photography competitions are organized at this festival where you can hone and test your photography skills.
  • The Shimla Summer Festival was initially started to boost the tourism of Shimla

Festival Dates/Months

The Shimla Summer Festival is usually organized in the month of May every year. But sometimes, the festival is also held in the month of June.

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