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Minjar Mela Himachal

The Minjar Mela held in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, has a fascinating history behind it, and is marked by dancing, drum beating, procession and other festivities.

About Minjar Mela Himachal

The Minjar Fair is an important occasion in the lives of the people of Chamba and it is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. An agricultural festival, the Minjar Fair is an event of joy and prosperity. According to Indian history, when the Raja of Chamba was coming back to Chamba after defeating the King of Trigarta, now known as Kangra (another district in Himachal Pradesh), in the year 935 A.D., he was given a warm welcome by the people who greeted him with bundles of paddy and maize. This was the first time the Minjar Mela was held and celebrated.

Nowadays, the fair is organized as soon as the young paddy and the maize shoots emerge from the soil. The distribution of Minjar, which is a silk tassel worn on the front parts of a dress by men and women alike, marks the beginning of the fair. The tassel symbolizes maize and paddy shoots which can be widely seen in this region during this time of the year. People visiting this busy town during this occasion wear the symbol of Minjar, which comprises a corn cob made of silk. If you visit this town during this occasion, you can witness the spellbinding sights of the colorful attires and fancy costumes worn by the people here. The people thank the Almighty for the good yield during this auspicious occasion and ask for His blessings. Coconuts, seasonal fruits and a 'Minjar', comprised of sheafs of paddy and golden silk wrapped in a red fabric, are offered to God. In earlier times, a buffalo was also sacrificed to appease the Deity but this practice has now been discontinued. It was believed by the locals that sacrificial offering of the buffalo to the Ravi River would make them aware of their fortunes. If the buffalo got washed away by the river current, then it was considered a good omen.

The main highlights of the Minjar fair are its mesmerizing folk music and dance performances. A large section of the town is dotted with numerous stalls during the Minjar Fair, and this also makes Chamba a haven for shopaholics. Attending the Minjar Mela in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh lets you observe the various fascinating rituals and ceremonies of the people of Chamba.

Special Highlights of the festival:

  • The Minjar Mela is a week-long carnival.
  • One can listen to the soulful and traditional Kunjari Malhar, sung by the local artists, during this fair.
  • The major festivities of the fair are celebrated at a place called 'Chowgan', situated in the Chamba town of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The Minjar Fair has been declared as one of the state fairs of Himachal Pradesh and thus, it is widely covered by the media.
  • It is held on the second Sunday of the Hindu month of Shravana.

Festival Dates/Months

The Minjar Mela is held in the month of July/August every year.

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