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Lohri Festival Himachal

A joyous occasion celebrated with great zeal to mark the last sowing of the Rabi crop, Lohri undoubtedly makes the bucket list of must-see festivals of Himachal Pradesh.

About Lohri Festival Himachal

An important festival, Lohri is celebrated during winter in the gorgeous state of Himachal Pradesh. It celebrates the fertility of crops and brings people from different communities and villages together. A visit to Himachal Pradesh during this time brings you across people carrying wide smiles and wearing traditional costumes.

During Lohri, a bonfire is lit and men, women and children dance around it to the tunes of feet-tapping music. It is the most popular attraction of this agricultural festival. Amidst these mesmerizing folk music and dance performances, Lohri gives you the chance to understand the deep bond people share with their lands and crops, along with a fascinating glimpse into the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this region.

Popcorn, puffed rice and sweets are thrown into the flames of the bonfire as offerings to the God in the hopes of a rich harvest. It is believed by the locals that Lord Krishna manifests himself at Lohri to listen to their wishes and bless them. For tourists, this grand community gala not only proves to be a visual delight for their eyes but also a rejuvenating experience. A fair, named after the festival, is also held during the day. With its vast collection of pottery items, colorful attires and everyday use items, the Lohri Fair also attracts shopping enthusiasts in large numbers. You can also satiate your taste buds by feasting on the wide array of savory delights offered at the Lohri Fair.

Special Highlights of the Festival:

  • Lohri is also known as Maghi festival, as it is usually celebrated in the month of Magh (January).
  • Lohri is a popular festival of Northern India, especially Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
  • From Pongal in Southern India and Bihu in Assam to Sankranti in Central India, the harvest festival of Lohri is celebrated throughout the country in different forms.
  • Along with being a harvest festival, Lohri also spreads the message that the bond of brotherhood and the spirit of oneness will prevail against all odds.

Festival Dates/Months

The festival of Lohri is celebrated in the month of January (Magh) every year.

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