Fairs and Festivals in Gujarat

Kavant Fair Gujarat

Kavant Fair Gujarat

Celebrated with pomp and show in the North-Eastern region of Gujarat, Kavant is yet another important tribe festival. The festival is mainly a social gathering of people belonging to Rathva tribe to extemporaneously recreate the joy of existence and life. People gather together to discuss matrimonial prospects, barter good and traditional dance is performed which draws people to the enchanting festival. During the festival, many folk dances are performed and music plays an important part. Every year the festival draws the attention of many foreigner and Non-Residential Indians.

When: Third day after Holi.

Where: village of Kavant is located in the heart of the Rathva homeland near the town of Chhota Udepu

Duration: One Day

Fairs & Festivals Place 2016 2017
Kavant Fair Chhota Udepur 26 - 27 Mar 15 - 16 Mar