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Artists For Conservation: Save The Endangered Species And Spread Awareness Through Art

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Campaigns like Save The Tiger and campaign by WWF have proven successful after an active participation from people. Hence, we urge wildlife painters to use their magical brush to paint and save animals by using animal arts to promote awareness.


Wildlife Preservation is the need of the hour if we wish to preserve the balance of nature. In order to create awareness about Wildlife Conservation Efforts worldwide, we urge painters all across the globe to send us a picture of a painting of their choosing about a wild animal they hope to preserve. We will promote the animal paintings and your story in an attempt to create public awareness. A Paint For Conservation initiative for artists for preservation, through this platform we hope to promote wildlife art for conservation, wildlife artists and awareness for saving wildlife worldwide.

What Are We Trying To Achieve?

  • Wildlife Preservation is a topic not many people are aware of. We at Tour My India are trying to promote the ongoing efforts of wildlife conservationists all across the globe.
  • Wildlife Conservation is a topic which needs immediate discussion amongst the masses but the status quo reflects the lack of open dialogue about wildlife conservation efforts. We are trying to create a channel through which public can discuss about issues surrounding wildlife conservation.
  • We at Tour My India believe in public participation and we hope to create a platform where wildlife authorities and the general public are equal stakeholders.

How Tour My India Is Contributing To Wildlife Conservation Efforts In India?

  • We at Tour My India are a fierce advocate of wildlife protection in India and through our tour packages, we ensure to advocate for responsible travelling.
  • At Tour My India, our Wildlife Safari packages aim to promote awareness about wildlife, conservation efforts and how our guests can actively contribute to conservation efforts.
  • We, at Tour My India, have banned Elephant rides keeping in mind that weight of people sitting on Elephants can damage their spine.
  • We at Tour My India expect our guests to be sensible about their travelling methods and we encourage wildlife safari in a way that wildlife population are not disturbed.

How You Can Be A Part of Wildlife Conservation Efforts Through This Campaign?

  • After you submit the image of your painting, we, through our blog page, will promote your painting along with your message if wildlife conservation in hope to create awareness about wildlife preservation efforts worldwide.
  • If you wish, we can promote your painting for sale and if sold, you can choose to donate the money to a wildlife charity of your choosing.

Guidelines To Follow To Enter Contest

  • The painting should be signed by you and it should be visible in the image.
  • The dimension of the image should be 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Make sure the image is clear and symmetrical on all four sides.
  • You also have to send us your interpretation of the painting alongside your message of wildlife conservation in India.
  • Also, we would need you to send us your name, e-mail address, Mobile number and a short bio for promotion purpose. However, in case you wish not to disclose your email and number on blog you can ask as us not to share it.

Please e-mail us at

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