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Top 14 Hill Stations in Karnataka to Blend with the Nature

India is decked with so many spectacular places but nowhere you will find rolling hills, emerald green coffee and spice plantations as magnificent as in India.

In Karnataka amidst the glittering forts and places, stunning beaches, peace inducing pilgrimage sites, breathtaking waterfalls, national parks and heritage sites, small yet sublime bliss in the form of nature is always reserved for nature lovers.

The whispers of trees, the roar of thunder, the dancing clouds, gentle breeze and the beauty of sunsets makes Karnataka one of the best choices for tourists for hill station vacation.

Karnataka has some of the best hill stations in South India that will blow away your heart forever and these hill stations are the crowning glory of Karnataka Tourism.  Karnataka presents several tourist options for the nature lovers and adventure junkies.

Here is our list of top 14 hill stations in Karnataka to plan your trip for an amazing vacation in Karnataka.

  • Nandi Hills
  • Coorg
  • Agumbe
  • Chikmagalur
  • Biligiri Hills
  • Kemmanagundi
  • Gangamoola
  • Kundadri Hill
  • Yana
  • Kodachadri
  • Madikeri
  • Nersa
  • Kakkabe
  • Kudremukh

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Nandi Hills – Perfect Nature Destination  

Nandi Hills Hill Station

If you want to watch the enthralling dance of hanging clouds over the hills and trees then Nandi Hills is a perfect place to be in.  Nandi hills are a gift of nature to humans.

Its picturesque surroundings are perfect fit for honeymoon couples, solo travelers, backpackers and people from all stations of life. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, tranquil lakes, beautiful temples will whisper in your ears to stay here forever. It is one of the best places for vacation in Karnataka.

Highlights –

  • Nandi Hills viewpoint is one of the most beautiful picnic spots.
  • Also visit Nandi Temple, also known as Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. It is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka.

Best Time to Visit – October to May

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Coorg – Relax and Enjoy the peaceful surroundings

Coorg Karnataka

Coorg is considered as the best hill station to visit in South India, Karnataka. Lying amidst the high mountains, here the roar of thunder is not so difficult to listen to as it is one of the best places to receive the highest rainfall across the nation.

Misty landscapes will take you to the world of fantasy where you might imagine a hero on a horse or any mythical character coming from misty forests. Verdant forests, and beautiful coffee plantations, orange groves will catch your attention right away.


  • Exotic wildlife and lush greenery will be the delight of your heart at Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, TalaKaveri Wildlife Sanctuary and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Seek holy blessings at Omkareshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
  • Emerald green coffee, tea and cardamom plantations near Abbey Falls will make your holidays in Karnataka the best one.
  • You must visit Madikeri Fort of Coorg to see the grandeur of the royal past.
  • Stunning waterfalls on Lakshmana Tirtha River is a must visit place to soothe your senses.

Best Time to Visit – December to February

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Agumbe – Nature’s Paradise

Agumbe Hill Station

Your dream of capturing a perfect sunset will come true if you visit Agumbe. It is one of the best hill stations to visit in Karnataka. Cascading waterfalls, verdant forests and rustic charm of Agumbe is something else. It is a bliss of Shimoga District located at an elevation of 826m. Do you know? The Malgudi Days of R.K Narayan was filmed in Agumbe. No doubt, wherever you stop, you will be mesmerized by its beautiful surroundings.


  • The best time to view the sunset is the month of November to January.
  • Seek blessings in the temple of Gopal Krishna. The temple is a 14th century temple, belonging to the Hoysala period.
  • Scenic views of lush rainforests of Western Ghats are the best thing to behold. For that, Barkana Falls trek is a must.
  • Agumbe Rainforest Research station is the landmark of Agumbe. If you are interested in knowing about species of King Cobras then you must visit this place.
  • Also visit Jogi Gundi falls. It is a cave waterfall. The water comes through the hills from a cave.

Best Time to Visit – November to January

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Chikmagalur – Listen to the soothing solitude of lush greenery


For a tranquil retreat and soul soothing scenic vistas, Chikmagalur is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. This hill station will be a paradise for nature lovers who are tired from the chaos of cities.

Benevolent weather would always welcome you in Chikmagalur with open arms, it remains cool even in summer. Cascading waterfalls, enchanting forests and the fresh tint of the green trees will refresh your soul.

One of the most interesting facts about Chikmagalur is that it is one of the birthplaces of coffee. Don’t forget to try the best coffee of the world in Chikmagalur.


  • Listen to the soothing breeze, solitude of lofty mountains and your soul’s voice amidst the lush greenery of kudremukh.
  • Hiking to the mystical peak of Baba Budangiri would be one of the best decisions of your life.
  • For the Chikmagalur sightseeing tour, Hebbe Falls will make your trip more interesting.
  • You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the ancient 12th century temple of Veera Narayana Temple.
  • Get a useful insight on Coffee plantations in India only at Coffee Museum Chikmagalur.

 Best Time to Visit – September to May

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Biligiri Hills – Hills of pleasure

Biligiri Hills

Biligiri Hills also known as BR hills is a realm of enchanting wildlife and pristine nature. If you want to explore the wildlife and nature then Biligiri hills is the best place in terms of Wildlife tourism in Karnataka.

Rolling hills and magic of mist, exotic wild animals like leopards, elephants, tigers, sloth bears, wild boars etc. will be an amazing sight to behold.

One very interesting fact about B.R hills is that it serves as the meeting point of Western Ghat mountain range and eastern Ghat mountain range.


  • You must visit the 400 years old Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple.
  • The Old Champak Tree of more than 2000 years old will be the site of enchantment at Dodda Sampige Mara.
  • Spot amazing wildlife at B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit – November to March

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Kemmanagundi – Queen of hills

Kemmanagundi Karnataka

Kemmanagundi is located at a height of 1434 m above the sea level. If you are planning a family vacation in Karnataka then consider Kemmanagundi for once. It is one of the best hill stations to beat the frustration of summer in India.

Ornamental gardens, lofty mountains, lush green valleys and jungles etc. will meet all your nature sightseeing requirements. It is also called ‘Ooty of Karnataka’.


  • Soothe your soul and body with beautiful vistas of Hebbe Falls.
  • Honnamma Falls, make nature’s paradise your own paradise to seek solace.
  • Veerabhadreshwara Temple is a must visit site to get divine grace.
  • Z- Point offers scenic views of the beauty of Western Ghats.
  • Kalhatti Falls is one of the most beautiful falls to behold.

Best Time to Visit – September to February

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Gangamoola – Trekking Paradise

Gangamoola Karnataka

If you are looking for stunning views, picturesque landscapes and lush greenery then Gangamoola is another place to be in Karnataka. It is less crowded and one of the offbeat destinations to visit in Karnataka for a vacation.

Most of us feel overwhelmed by the chaos of the cities, Gangamoola is a place where peace oozes from its picturesque landscapes.

Waterfalls, ruins, cave temples, forests will be the scenes to behold when you are on Gangamoola trek. One of the most interesting facts is that this region is known as Varaha Parvata and is an UNESCO Heritage Site.


Gangamoola Trek is the must do trek. For that, you have to take permission from the forest officials in advance. The Vidyashankara Temple, Torana Ganapati Temple, Sarada Temple, Adi Shankara Temple are some of the temples for seeking solace and divine grace from almighty.

Best Time to Visit- December to February

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Kundadri Hill – Small yet lofty, delightful in its own way

Kundadri Hill Karnataka

The Thirthahalli – Agumbe road has one of the best spots to visit for vacation in Karnataka – Kundadri Hill. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this gigantic rock formation.

It offers some of the best views to capture in your digital lens and cherish them for life. It is surrounded by verdant forests, so it is an ideal place for trekking.

One of the famous landmarks here is the Jain temple of Parshwanath Chaityalaya. One interesting fact about this place is that kundadri got its name from Acharya Kundakunda, a popular Jain Monk of the 4th century who took shelter in these hills.

Best Time to Visit- November to February

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Yana – Embrace the adventures

Yana Karnataka

One of the top hill stations to visit in Karnataka is Yana. The main attraction of Yana is its gigantic crystalline-like rock formations. It is also a perfect place for nature lovers.

There are some places in Yana which will compel you to discover your soul’s desire. If you are an adventure seeker then Bhairaveshwara and Jaganmohini shikharas are ideal places for trekking and satisfy your craving for adventures.


  • Hiking in Bhairaveshwara hill and Mohini hill is one of the best things to do in Yana.
  • At the bottom of Bhairaveshwara hill, a Shiva temple will always give divine blessings.
  • Vibhooti waterfalls is a wonderful place to behold in Yana

Best time to visit – October to January

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Kodachadri – Peaceful and Blissful

Kodachadri Karnataka

If you are a trekker or a hiker then Kodachadri in Karnataka is a place of bliss for you. Due to its benevolent weather and scenic surroundings, it is one of the most popular hill stations to visit in Karnataka.

Here nature shines at its best to inspire photographers and artists to capture beautiful images in their lens and canvas.  Kodachadri Trek is one of the best things to do and cherish beautiful moments for life forever.

Hosanagara Taluk of Shimoga District has a blissful place to visit, Kudajadri Hills. It is a paradise for adventure lovers and nature photographers.


The famous Mookambika Temple is situated at the top of Kodachadri Hill. Arishinagundi Waterfalls, Hidlumane Waterfalls, Belakallu theertha Waterfalls, Souparnika River, Nagara Fort, Kodachadri Trekking Route and Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the must-see sites in Kudajadri.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

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Madikeri – Soul soothing vistas

Madikeri Karnataka

Madikeri is one of the most popular hill stations of Karnataka. Breathtaking views of nature and stunning mountain peaks adorn the land of Madikeri.

If you are planning a vacation in Madikeri then no doubt you will have one of the best and fun filled holidays to remember.

Eye-catching vistas of verdant valleys, ravines and cascading waterfalls, Madikeri is the district capital of Kodagu. One of the best places to visit in Karnataka, Madikeri reaches a height of 1700m above sea level and looks breathtakingly beautiful in the misty evenings.

Best Time to Visit – July to September and November to April


Madikeri Fort is a major sightseeing option in Madikeri. For nature loving and adventurous souls, the hill station offers wonderful treks to Pushpagiri, Kote Betta, Brahmagiri, and Nishani Motte. As the mountain comes under the jurisdiction of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, one needs to take prior permission from the forest department before embarking on trekking.

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Nersa – Unexplored Serenity

Nersa Karnataka

Less crowded and lesser known, Nersa is an offbeat gem of Karnataka. Lush green scenic landscapes and soothing climate makes Nersa a must visit place for a perfect summer vacation. Plenty of beautiful trees like Nandi, Mathi, Kindal Rosewood, Harda, Jamba are found here which would add to your knowledge about trees of India.

Nersa also offers thrilling adventure activities for adventure seekers. This quaint hill station appears to be a delight for the wildlife enthusiast and bird lovers.

The most unique part of the wildlife in Nersa is the availability of a variety of bats. It is said that around 40 species of bats have been seen in Nersa till date.

Best Time to Visit – September to May

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Kakkabe – Listen to the call of the wild

Kakkabe Karnataka

35 kms from Madikeri, lies the breathtaking village of Kakkabe, which you can consider in your list of top hill stations to visit in Karnataka.

It is the largest honey producer in Southeast asia. If you are planning a weekend or a day trip then Kakkabe is an ideal place for you. Don’t forget to visit the holy temple named Padi Igguthappa.

This village is very popular for its trekking opportunities and wildlife tourism. Species like barking deer, flying squirrel, Pangolin and a wide range of birds are not difficult to find here.


  • Witness the breathtaking landscapes from the highest peak of Thadiyandamol.
  • Nalknad Palace is one of the best places to visit in Kakkabe.
  • Seek holy blessings and divine peace in the temple of Padi Igguthappa.
  • The beauty of Chelavara Falls and adventure activities will make your day.

Best Time to Visit – September to May

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Kudremukh – Perfect for a Weekend

Kudremukh Hill Station Karnatka

Blessed with rich biodiversity and a variety of trailing options, Kudremukh is a hill station named after the mountain range of the same name.

The area is rich in iron ore and once it was known for mining only. Today’s Kudremukh is a popular summer vacation retreat in Karnataka and known across the country for the famous Kudremukh National Park.

This popular hill station of Karnataka is surrounded by five sacred ponds called Naga Teertha, Amba Teertha, Rudra Teertha, Vasishtha Teertha, and Varaha Teertha and serves as a popular Hindu Pilgrimage.

Best Time to Visit – December to February

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We hope that our list of the top 14 hill stations Karnataka is helpful in planning your holidays. The hill stations of Karnataka will definitely be the meditation to your soul’s weariness as it is full of wonders with grandstand views of the peaks and lush green surroundings. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to some of the most beautiful hill stations of Karnataka.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are some of the most popular places to trek in Karnataka?

  • Kurinjal Gudda
  • Kunti Betta
  • Kudremukh
  • Kumara Parvatha
  • Antharagange
  • Kodachadri
  • Gangamoola
  • Gokarna

Q.What are the top hill stations for family vacation in Karnataka with kids?

The top hill stations for family vacation in Karnataka with kids are:

  • R Hills
  • Kemmanagundi
  • Coorg
  • Chikmagalur
  • Agumbe
  • Nandi Hills

Q.What are the best hill stations to enjoy snowfall in Karnataka?

Snow never falls in South India and it is a very rare sight to witness snowfall. Only Lambasingi of Andhra Pradesh receives snowfall. Several parts of Karnataka might witness hailstones. So, its not a proper snowfall.

Q.What are the top hill stations for honeymooners in Karnataka?

The top hill stations for honeymooners in Karnataka are:

  • Kemmanagundi
  • Coorg
  • Chikmagalur
  • Madikeri
  • R Hills
  • Nandi Hills
  • Agumbe

Q.What are the top hill stations for adventure activities in Karnataka?

  • Coorg For Microlight Flying
  • Madikeri for white water rafting
  • Kodachadri for Trekking
  • Agumbe for hiking and trekking

Q.What is the best time to visit Karnataka Hill station?

The best time to visit the hill stations of Karnataka is October to April.

Q.Can we visit the hill stations of Karnataka during Monsoon?

During Monsson the weather of Karnataka is pleasant but humid. Monsson is the best time to see the beauty of nature in Karnataka, the environment becomes more greener and refreshing. The coastal areas of Karnataka receive highest rainfall. Agumbe Coorg, Nandi Hills, Kemmanagundi and Kudremukh are some of the best hill stations to visit in Monsoon.

Q.What are some popular places to visit near Kodachadri?

Some of the popular places to visit near Kodachadri are –

  • Siddapur
  • Hassan
  • Maravanthe
  • Dubare
  • Kumta
  • Udupi
  • Venur
  • Sringeri
  • Kollur

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