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10 Things You Can Do on Family Holidays in Himachal Pradesh

10 Things You Can Do on Family Holidays in Himachal Pradesh
Last Updated: April 27, 2022

An outing with the family is always fun, no matter how much we argue, how much we hate to go to places that one of our siblings would like to see on the trip or how bored we feel participating in activities that our parents like during the tour…But the bottom line is we always end our family trip with golden memories with of course another plan for the next trip with family in mind. There are many places in India, where spending a family vacation is ideal and Himachal Pradesh is one of them. Not only has this destination provided respite from the scorching heat of summer, but it also offers ample of adventure and recreational activities for each member of the family.

This blog has been carefully prepared to give you an insight into the different activities in Himachal Pradesh that you can enjoy with your family without breaking into an argument:

Enjoy Nature Walks on the Beautiful Terrains of Himachal:

Nature Walks in Himachal

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Nature walks are the most common ways to explore the beauty of any hill station. The charm of nature walk amplifies further when the destination is Himachal and you have your family to accompany you. There are many natural trails both explored and unexplored in the towns and villages of Himachal Pradesh that are ideal for family hikings. Also, Himachal isn’t short of small treks that take one or two days to accomplish, so if you have a family that is into adventure then there cannot be anything better than heading out on a trekking expedition with your family. Beas Kund, Chandrakhani and Chandratal are some of the easy treks in Himachal Pradesh.

Get High on Tides with River Rafting:

Rafting in Himachal
If you haven’t given a thought to water sports, holidaying in Himachal Pradesh might give you enough reasons to try a few, especially white water rafting in Manali, Tattapani. The Satluj near Shimla, the Ravi near Chamba and the Beas near Kullu offer great opportunity for rafting in Himachal Pradesh. You don’t need to be experienced to try rafting here but you have to be willing! The best place in Himachal for river rafting would be the 20kms stretch between Shamshi and Aut on the Beas River.

Feel the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush with Skiing:

Skiing in Himachal
Here is another sport that can be fun trying with family. Skiing can be done in Narkanda (64kms from Shimla) and the famous Solang Valley. We believe that you don’t need to be young to enjoy activities like these; all you have to be is young at heart! Besides, you will not be the only one who doesn’t know the ABC of skiing –there would be many like you. Also, both Narkanda and Solang Valley have institutes that teach you the basic of skiing and ensure that you do not crash badly. Try it; you never know you might just be better than your kids at learning how to ski.

Soar Like an Eagle over the Sky of Himachal:

Paragliding in Himachal

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Before you raise your eyebrow doubting my sanity, I would request you to calm down and rethink. Yes, I know Indian Moms do not attempt anything like this, but guys, we have to break rules here! Besides, there is nothing that a woman cannot do (leaving aside the time when they are suffering from some ailment), so my dear kids and husbands, make the most of your holiday in Himachal and encourage the lady in your life to try out something new this time (presuming of course that she is physically fit). You can enjoy paragliding in Bir Billing (65kms from Dharamshala), Bilaspur (65kms from Mandi) and Solang Valley (13kms from Manali).

Go Back in Time and Live in the British Raj Era:

See the Colonial Architecture in Himachal
It was for obvious reasons that Himachal was the summer retreat of the British; the beautiful landscape and salubrious climate reminded the British of their native country. In their nostalgia, they created buildings and holiday homes at picturesque places in Himachal and little did they know that the edifices built by them will one day become heritage sites. Truly, these Colonial style buildings compliment the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh. If you are with your family, it is indeed a good idea to go for a tour of these heritage buildings; not only your kids but you will be able to learn a lot about British era in India. Dalhousie, Shimla, Chail, Mandi, Saharan and Dharamshala are the best places to see the colonial architecture in Himachal Pradesh.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Toy Train Ride:

Toy Train Ride Himachal
Now, this is one beautiful ride that the entire family can enjoy (I would have defined the ride on the Toy Train as romantic but HUSHH…kids are reading it too!). You board the train from Kalka and enjoy about 100km ride to Shimla. The train runs at a slow speed offering ample of time to enjoy nature’s beauty. Click pictures with your family, take selfie with the background of mountains and winding trail, sing some melodious songs or probably listen to one…indeed it will be one of the things to do in Himachal that you are going to absolutely cherish!

Get Familiar to the Spiritual Side of Himachal:

Visit Temples in Himachal
Since Himachal Pradesh is Devbhoomi (land of gods), you are going to find temples on every nook and corner. However, a few temples are perched high on the mountains but are absolute a delight to visit. Along with people’s firm belief in the power of these temples and their presiding deities, many of these sacred shrines have excellent architecture as well. If you are visiting with your family, there is no way that you should miss out on visiting the temples in any of the regions or towns in Himachal. Hadimba Temple (Manali), Jakhoo Temple, Tara Devi and Kali Bari (Shimla), Jwala Ji, Chamunda Temple, Baijnath Temple and Bajreshwari Temple (Kangra), Naina Devi Temple (Bilaspur), Lakshmi Narayan Temple (Chamba) and Chintpurni Temple (Una) are some of the most popular temples in Himachal Pradesh

Witness the Magnificent Indian Wildlife:

Visit Wildlife Reserve
There isn’t a better way to spend a family holiday than visiting a wildlife reserve in Himachal Pradesh. The rich flora and fauna and impregnable landscape make visiting the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Himachal a worthwhile experience. You and the children will have the opportunity to not only spot exotic wildlife but also to understand the environment and its issues better. Pin Valley National Park (Spiti) , Great Himalayan National Park (Kullu), Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary (Sirmaur), Churdhar Sanctuary (Sirmaur), Chail Sanctuary (Solan), Pong Dam Lake Sanctuary, Kalatop-Khajjiar Sanctuary (Chamba) are some of the must visit wildlife reserves in Himachal Pradesh.

Camp under the Starry Sky:

What can be better than tucking yourself in a sleeping bag in a tent, spending the evening sitting by a bonfire, eating grilled food and stargazing! Seems ideal right? One should actually try something like this once in a lifetime to realize how so many unnecessary items have become an integral part of our life. Just about every machine/ appliancethat we consider important doesn’t hold any place in nature and this we can realize through camping. A family camping is a good idea for the fact it will make you come close to each other as not only family but as a team, also you will also appreciate the value of work that each of you perform for each other on a regular day. Also, camping in places like Himachal gives you the opportunity to get a better understanding of our environment, our surroundings and their relevance. Chandratal Lake, Solang Valley, Dhundi, Pulga and Triund are some of the best places to camp in Himachal Pradesh.

Immerse yourself in Buddhist Culture with Visit to Monasteries:

See Buddhist Monastery

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Buddhist monasteries add a different type of charm to Himachal Pradesh. Be it a small monastery or a huge one, they always have a positive impact on the beauty of the place. You and your family can enjoy a day out visiting some these sacred Buddhist shrines and you would simply be awestruck by their rich architecture and décor. Tabo, Kye, Namgyal, Rewalsar, Dhankar, Guru Ghantal, Shashur, Kardang, Tayul, Thang Yug, Kungri, Nako, Tashiganj and Lippa are some of the must-visit Buddhist monasteries in Himachal Pradesh.

Published: 07 May, 2015
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