15 Best Places to Visit and Thing to Do in Hong Kong

Top 15 Places to Visit & Things to Do in Hong Kong

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Disclaimer: If you’re expecting Disneyland, Madam Tussaud, and Hong Kong islands and beaches in this blog then you might get disappointed as Hong Kong is far more than just these attractions.

A surreal mix of dazzling cityscape and pristine nature, Hong Kong welcomes you with an iconic skyline, vivid culture, colourful traditions, and enduring taste. Though the city is known for its sedating beaches, gorgeous skylines, and everyone’s favourite, Disneyland and Madam Tussaud, yet these aren’t just enough to sketch a perfect picture of Hong Kong, and hence, comes this blog. From modern attractions like Victoria Peak and Hong Kong Park to ancient draw cards such as Tian Tan Buddha Statue and Hong Kong Museum of History, this blog/Hong Kong travel guide tells you about the other equally alluring travel places in Hong Kong. Adding a grandeur to your Hong Kong vacation, this blog includes a rundown of some of the best things to do here. Scroll down to know more.

Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak – The Best Place to Relish the Bird’s-Eye View of the City

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

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Starting off the list with a quintessential tourist attraction in Hong Kong – Victoria Peak. Being the highest place in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak propounds the amazing 360-degree views of the island. One can get up here either by taking a peak tram (which is the best way to reach to the top), can come up by the bus or if you believe in staying fit and healthy, you can opt to climb all the way up. Apart from dazzling skyline, the place is also offer astonishing views of some of the scenic attractions which include the sights of Hong Kong Island in the frontside of lookout and Repulse Bay and Aberdeen in the backside. However, it is better to visit this place during the night as you’ll get to see the iconic sights of the Island bauble with gleaming lights and Symphony of Light Show.

Nan Lian Garden – The Classical Chinese Garden

Nan Lian Garden

Photo: https://goo.gl/Rm1qap

Like most of the parks here, Nan Lian Garden is a super peaceful travel attraction in Hong Kong. Situated in the downtown of Diamond Hill – Kowloon, this Tang Dynasty Style Garden occupies a massive area of 35, 000 square meter and is the only of its kind in present Hong Kong. This is one of the worthwhile places to visit in Hong Kong and it’s pretty cool in here as you are surrounded with the opulent flora, lakes, sweet sound of birds chirping and soft music playing in the backdrop.

Chi Lin Nunnery – An Abode of Serenity and Beauty

Chi Lin Nunnery Hong Kong

Photo: https://goo.gl/cDTQ2H

After visiting the garden, cross over the adjacently located Chi Lin Nunnery – a large Buddhist temple complex dating back to 1930s built in Tang Dynasty Style. Consisting of series of temple halls, Chi Lin Nunnery is reckoned amongst one of the most spiritual sites in Hong Kong. Perhaps, the most incredible thing about this attraction is that it is built out of wood and that too without using a single nail. Wow! That’s impressive.

Tip: You can explore Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery on the same day as they’re located adjacent to each other.

Tian Tan Buddha Statue – The Only One of Its Kind Buddha Statue in the World

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

Photo: https://goo.gl/KoRKab

Probably not a conventional attraction but a quirky one. The 34 mt high Tian Tan Buddha Statue was erected in 1993 and at present is the center of Buddhism in Hong Kong. Kneeing and offering flowers, lamp, ointment, music, and fruit to Buddha, there are six bronze statues, esteemed as “The Offering of the Six Devas” that are embracing the scenic sight of Tian Tan Buddha Statue. There are 268 steps which one have to ascend in order to catch the glance of Buddha statue from its platform. For your information, Tian Tan Buddha Statue is one of most visited sightseeing places in Hong Kong. Unlike other Buddha Statues, this one is facing the north to look over the Chinese people whereas all the others face south.

Tai O Fishing Village – A Rich Culture Destination in Hong Kong

Tai O Fishing Village

Photo: https://goo.gl/6J9gkC

One of the few surviving fishing villages in Hong Kong, Tai O is known for stilt house dating back to the 19th century with unique settings, hence, esteemed as the ‘Venice’ of Hong Kong. Stilt houses and enthralling fishing culture are not the only quirky drawcards of this bewitching village, delectable seafood, salted dry fish, and salted egg yolks are some more things that are the talk of the town of the village. If you’re a shutterbug then this place is worthwhile to showcase your skills.

Hong Kong Park – A Great Place for Experiencing Leisure and Serenity at Its Best

Hong Kong Central Park

Photo: https://goo.gl/4b5K86

Plunge into the peculiar environment of the coolest park in the city where nature meets contemporary city life. In the downtown of Hong Kong Central District and right the foot of Victoria Peak, there lies Hong Kong Park – a perfect place for your kids. Reckoned amongst one of the most revered tourist attractions in Hong Kong for kids, Hong Kong Park (not just a normal park) is known for holding a sedating ambiance with its artificial waterfalls, verdant greenery, sports center, Tai Chi garden, and many more surprises where your kid can have a fun-filled time. Though the park is located in the center of the city where it is surrounded by skyscrapers, yet you’ll get to hear the sounds of nature through birds, waterfalls, streams, and swaying palm trees. Inside the park, there is a huge aviary where over 600 birds are inhabiting. You can see these birds flying freely in the aviary.

Hong Kong Museum of History – A Perfect Stopover to Learn About Hong Kong’s History

Hong Kong Museum of History

Photo: https://goo.gl/PhiUzu

If you’re inclined towards history, then you can always visit Hong Kong Museum of History located in Tsim Sha Tsui. This is amongst the best family attractions in Hong Kong to take a tour of the life of the city that has been reflected here through history and cultural heritage exhibitions. In its eight galleries with numerous exhibitions including the replicas of village houses, traditional costumes, beds, newspapers, historical photographs, currencies, village architectures, models of towns, and a recreation of an arcade street from 1881, the museum takes every visitor through Hong Kong’s rich history and cultural past.

Noonday Gun – A Not-to-Miss Roadside Attraction

Noonday Gun

Photo: https://goo.gl/5vxnGN

A roadside attraction yet a must-visit one, Noon Day Gun is situated on a circumscribed site in Causeway Bay. Owned by Jardine Matheson, the Noonday Gun is a formal naval artillery piece which is fired every day exactly at noon by one of their employees. This whole event and the Noonday Gun have now become one of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong which I am pretty much sure you can’t afford to miss out while in the city.

Things to Do in Hong Kong

Ride the Star Ferry at Victoria Harbour

Star Ferry Ride at Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

Photo: https://goo.gl/x5Jdos

Conveyance is never a difficult thing to find in Hong Kong especially when there are Star Ferry Boats to make your transit soothing and adoring. Star Ferry is the oldest means of transportation and one of the most adored icons of the city. Apart from being just a transportation, it is also one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. The traditional double-decker boats offer the spectacular views of the cityscape and of the azure water and that too at a nominal price.

Hit the Street Markets

Hong Kong Street Market

Photo: https://goo.gl/7b3KET

As I always believe, no vacation is complete without shopping! And when you’re in Hong Kong why not to make the most of it. Just think of anything you want to buy, and you’ll find it in Hong Kong’s vibrant street markets. Ladies Market for women apparels and accessories, Cat Street and Upper Lascar Row for antiques and souvenirs, Fa Yuen Street for sneakers, and Apliu Street Market for electronics are some of the famous roadside markets where you can get cool stuff for you and your loved ones at reasonable prices.

Place your Bet at Happy Valley Racecourse

Happy Valley Racecourse Hong Kong

Photo: https://goo.gl/wp3fuM

If you’re travelling to Hong Kong with enough moolah in your pocket, then you must try your luck at Happy Valley Resources. Popular amongst both international and domestic tourists, this place hosts a weekly event (which is more of like a party) where people come to gamble on horse races. As the crowd goes mad, just let yourself go with the flow and don’t forget to cheer for your horse.

Adore A Symphony of Light Show

Hong Kong Light Show

Photo: https://goo.gl/QdMs7H

Well, this is something which tells you how beautiful Hong Kong is that too without you have to pay for it. All you just have to do is to hang around till 8 PM at Victoria Harbour to savour the prodigious show of Symphony of Lights. This show astounds you with its colourful lights and laser beams bursting out to the skyline on both sides of Victoria Harbour. The view is so surreal that you’ll even forget to blink your eyes. A Symphony of Light is world’s largest permanent light and sound show that commemorate spirit, energy and diversity of Hong Kong.

Satiate Your Palate with Some Delectable Street Food

Delectable Street Food in Hong Kong

Photo: https://goo.gl/88GEVK

If you’re a big-time gourmet then you should try some street food in Hong Kong and even if you’re not then at least you should give it a chance. Hong Kong is popularly-known for serving visitors with some palatable street food, especially the famous Dim Sums. If you come across it, don’t dare to curb your instinct to give it a shot.

Pamper Yourself with a Spa

Spa in Hong Kong

Photo: https://goo.gl/GEHFiH

After an endless travelling and unlimited exploration, a spa center is the best place in Hong Kong to sum-up your long vacation. You’ll find many massage shops throughout the city that proffer the best of this touristy experience in Hong Kong.

Enjoy the Amazing Nightlife

Hong Kong Night Life

Photo: https://goo.gl/CEmkaJ

Undoubtedly, Hong Kong is considered amongst the most popular nightlife cities in the world. It offers an array of choices including all-night clubbing, night cruise, contemporary art, high octane entertainment, shopping, and much more. Just remember, while in Hong Kong don’t be a lazy bone, especially at night or else you’re going to regret it later. Come out of your shell and take a dive into Hong Kong’s resplendent nightlife for an ultimate holiday experience in Hong Kong. You can go out to pubs, bars, and nightclubs where you can make some friends or can also wander around the bustling streets languorously.

Finally, just let your inner wanderer free because once you’re in Hong Kong, you can go crazy for its every attraction even for a tiny one. A heaven for globetrotters and shutterbugs, Hong Kong is surely worthy of your spending. So, don’t think much and plan your vacation to Hong Kong with Tour My India. Give us a call at +91-9212553108 or drop us an email at info@tourmyindia.com for our best Hong Kong tour packages that promise to cater to all your needs and are light on your pocket as well.

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