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15 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir Valley

“If there is heaven on earth, it is here… it is here… It is here”

Heaven on Earth Kashmir is one of the most beautiful travel destinations to visit in North India. Nowhere in India you will behold the scenic landscapes, icy glaciers, pristine lakes and lofty mountains as beautiful as Kashmir. Serenity and Tranquility redefines itself from the ambiance of Kashmir. Be it summer, Winter or Monsoon, every season has its own charm in Kashmir. The numerous wonders of nature, culture, cuisines and rich history of Kashmir will elevate your travel experience in Incredible India.

Here is a list of Top 15 tourist places to visit in Kashmir Valley

  • Srinagar
  • Gulmarg
  • Sonmarg
  • Betaab Valley
  • Pahalgam
  • Yusmarg
  • Doodhpathri
  • Sinthan Top
  • The Great Lakes Trek
  • Daksum
  • Warwan Valley
  • Pulwama
  • Anantnag
  • Tulail Valley
  • Karnah

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Srinagar Shikara Ride

If you ask us ‘Show me the soul of Kashmir Valley’ – we would recommend you to visit Srinagar once in a lifetime. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kashmir Valley. It is a place where you will feel the healing touch of nature. It is Decked with lofty green Himalayan mountains. Delightful Shikara Rides, glistening lakes which would take you to the world of quietude and peace and alluring Mughal Era gardens: you will lose your mind and find your soul here.

Chinar trees lined roads, fascinating wooden fridges, delightful bazaars, ancient forts and spiritual hubs and apple orchards painted the city into a garden of Eden. Artists, couples, families and backpackers frequently visit Srinagar to come close to nature’s heart. When are you coming?

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Gulmarg - Gondola Ride

This tiny paradise of Kashmir really shines bright in winter when the entire landscape is covered in snow and opens lots of opportunities for snow adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding and Heli- skiing etc. But summer here is a scene of dreams. In dreams, nothing is real and the fantasy tickles our senses with excitement and curiosity. Gulmarg’s landscape in summer is like a fantasy world. The rolling meadows, lofty mountains, blissful mountain streams will make your day wonderful. Even reaching here will seduce your senses as you will come here through Gondola Ride which will pass through hills and valleys covered in mist and clouds. That experience is a bliss. Gulmarg is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit in Kashmir.

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Sonmarg Kashmir

At an altitude of 2730 meters the meadow of gold shines brightest from the lofty Himalayan peaks. This beautiful countryside is one of the most popular places to visit for a hill station family vacation in Kashmir. Jagged glaciers, scenic countryside views, emerald meadows, refreshing mountain lakes, soothing nature walks- these sightseeing experiences will make you feel like you are chasing angels. It is a place where you will feel most alive. Moreover, the Sindh River which flows through Sonmarg will take you to the recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.

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Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley Kashmir

Betaab Valley will take you to the land of secluded serenity. The healing touch of nature will make you feel like you are moving through nature in a metaphysical sense. It is one of the most popular destinations in Kashmir for couples to cherish some romantic moments. Lush green pastures, snowcapped mountains, soothing streams add beauty and vitality to the ambiance. It is also one of the popular bases for trekking and camping. From here pilgrims head for the holy Amarnath Yatra.

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Pahalgam Kashmir

Enchanting and beautiful, the vistas of Pahalgam will definitely take your breath away. The confluence of Sheshnag and Liddar river, thrilling trekking routes, fascinating forests, alpine meadows, mesmerizing valleys, and blissful picnic spots-the list is endless. Pahalgam is one of the best destinations for family vacations in Kashmir. It used to be a shepherd’s village once upon a time. Tall Fir covered mountains and abundance of greenery – The stillness in them is a sort of relief.

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Yusmarg Kashmir

Away from the chaotic modern world, Yusmarg is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Kashmir Valley. This sprawling meadow is a home to the most alluring Doodh Ganga River, which looks so gorgeous that you will be compelled to live here forever. Numerous Apple trees, Sufi shrines, grassy pastures, deep forests and snowcapped mountains will captivate your mind.  Moreover, the slopes of Yusmarg is a wonderful place for skiing in winters. In summers, the beauty of nature can be really experienced delightfully with enchanting nature walks. For trekking, you can go to Kuti Tata and Sang-e-Safed Peaks and Nilang Lake will be a perfect spot for a family vacation, it’s an amazing picnic spot.

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Doodhpathri Kashmir

Doodhpathri – the Valley of Milk is a must visit place if you are looking for a unique destination in Kashmir Valley. Situated at an elevation 8,957 m from sea level, it is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations to visit in Kashmir Valley. There is an interesting tale behind its name. It is said that one a famous saint of Kashmir Sheikh ul Aalam Sheikh Noor din Noorani prayed here. One day he was in search of water in the meadows to offer prayers So, he pricked the ground with his stick but milk came out instead of water. He asked if milk can only be used for drinking, not for ablution. Hearing this the milk changed its state to water. Since then, the water flowing through the meadows has a milky appearance and is named Doodhpathri. Pine, Fir and Deodar Forests, natural meadows, flowery landscapes and lush vegetation of this place attracts lots of tourists every year. Indeed, it is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir Valley.

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Sinthan Top

Sinthan Top Kashmir

Lies between South Kashmir’s Breng Valley and Kishtwar, sinthan Top is a beautiful mountain top to visit for holidays in Kashmir. It offers 360-degree panoramic views of the entire Jammu and Kashmir. The most interesting fact is that you can enjoy the bliss of snow even in summers here. It is covered in snow throughout the year. The Sinthan Maidan is a wonderful place to visit for a family vacation in Kashmir as it offers paragliding and horse-riding activities. Adventure enthusiasts can try trekking, skiing and mountaineering for thrill and excitement. Those who are looking for adventures, snow activities, Sinthan Top is a perfect place to visit for memorable moments.

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The Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

One cannot miss the wonderful Kashmir Great Lakes Trek when it comes to holidays in Kashmir Valley. Rugged mountains, rolling green meadows, Breathtaking Alpine lakes and soothing valleys makes this trek one of a kind. The snow patches on the corners of the lakes are quite a sight to behold. Enchanting grasslands, meadows and remote passes – here ‘the magic of nature takes over and heaviness of life lifts a little’. No place can beat the beauty of this trek. It is a must try trek in Kashmir if you love challenges. It is a moderate difficulty trek. For a beginner, it can be a little overwhelming for your body.

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Daksum Kashmir

Get lost in the folds of time and fade away from the chaos of the world in Daksum Valley. This place’s beauty will be etched in your heart forever. Daksum is a blank slate, it can be painted in any color. If you are an artist, its breathtaking landscapes will inspire you to paint beautiful pictures, the mountains here will appeal to all adventure lovers, picnic spots will make the day best for family and friends and couples will spend romantic moments in the romance inducing sceneries. When it comes to tourist places, Daksum is often hidden from the travel itinerary of Kashmir Valley. But Daksum should be considered as its beauty will connect you with everything in nature. Dark coniferous forests, grassy meadows, natural springs, camping and trekking opportunities, trout fishing in Bhringi River and beautiful wooden slopes the memories of these vistas if once entered your soul will never look for an exit.

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Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley is a beautiful doorway to a new world of serenity. 150 km from Srinagar, its only 3 hours’ drive from Anantnag District. Crystal clear water from stunning waterfalls, exquisite cedar trees, enchanting forests, soul seducing views of Warwan river which is also the source of mesmerizing Kanital Glacier and most surreal village vistas. It is one of the most popular places for trekking. Views of Breathtaking River deltas, wildflower meadows, glaciers and abundance of greenery will make this trek visually appealing. It is advisable to only do this trek if you are physically fit. Doing this trek would be one of the best things to do in Kashmir Valley.

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Pulwama - Naghbaren Unexplored Kashmir

Pulwama, the rice bowl of Kashmir, is a must visit place if you are planning a Kashmir Tour. Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of saffron fields, delightful weather, picturesque orchards, alluring waterfalls, enchanting valleys and blissful natural springs. Family vacation here will be one of the most refreshing one as the natural landscapes of Pulwama will remove all the tiredness of your spirit. It is a beautiful place of romance for couples where they can spend some delightful moments to cherish forever. In summer adventure junkies try trekking and camping for thrill and excitement. Winters bring snowboarding and skiing opportunities. It is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir.

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Anantnag - Verinag Spring Kashmir

Not only Anantnag is the financial and commercial capital of Kashmir but also a beautiful paradise for tourists for holiday. If you are looking for a place to rejuvenate your mind then fresh water spring, streams, breathtaking gardens, spiritual places will bring back the lost essence of your soul. It is one of the most beautiful summer getaways in Kashmir valley. Every year pilgrims undertake a challenging journey to Amarnath Cave Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva from Anantnag. You can explore beautiful places like Pahalgam, Kokernag, Achabal, Verinag, Daksum.

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Tulail Valley

Tulail Valley Kashmir

Ever heard about Tulail Valley? Well, some of you must have heard about it. Tulail valley is one of the most soul seducing places to visit in Kashmir valley but it is most of the time hidden from Kashmir’ list of best travel places. The scenic landscapes of Tulail Valley consist of breathtaking villages, green mountains, flowery meadows and the amazing weather will make your day. For nature photographers and couples, you will lose yourself in the beauty of this place.

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Karnah - Skiing Adventure in Karna Kashmir

Karnah is a place in Kashmir where you will hear yourself better and return to a happy state of mind from the tiredness of city life. It is one of the offbeat places to visit in Kashmir. This small yet beautiful valley is decked with dense green meadows, lofty mountain peaks, magnificent forts, palaces and verdant forests. The fairy tale-like landscapes are picture perfect for romantic poses and amazing selfies. Don’t forget to visit the scenic villages of Tangdar, Saidpura, Gundi Gurjan andTeethwal etc. camping, reli-skiing, rock climbing, skiing and camping are some of the best things to do here to completely enjoy your Kashmir holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days are required to explore the best of Kashmir Valley tourism?

If you have much time in your hand then plan your Kashmir trip for 7 days. 7 days are enough to visit Srinagar, Pahalgam, Yusmarg, Dudhganga, Gulmarg etc. these are all the premier locations of Kashmir. If you want to visit offbeat places you need more days.

Which are the best places to visit for honeymoon couples in Kashmir Valley?

Best places to visit in Kashmir for Honeymoon trip-

  • Gulmarg
  • Sonmarg
  • Pahalgam
  • Srinagar
  • Yusmarg
  • Bhaderwah
  • Hemis
  • Kishtwar
  • Sanasar
  • Baltal
  • Khilanmarg

Which are the best summer visiting places in Kashmir?

Best places to Visit in Summer in Kashmir are-

  • Aru Valley
  • Khilanmarg
  • Pahalgam
  • Poonch
  • Bhaderwah
  • Sonmarg
  • Yusmarg
  • Hemis
  • Vaishno Devi
  • Baltal
  • Srinagar

What is the distance between Gulmarg to Pahalgam?

The distance between Gulmarg to Pahalgam is around 91.0km

What is the distance between Srinagar to Gulmarg?

The distance between Srinagar to Gulmarg is around 49.5km.

Which are the best places to visit in Kashmir Valley in Winters?

Some of the best places to visit in Kashmir in Winters are-

  • Dal lake
  • Harissa
  • Gulmarg
  • Pahalgam
  • Zanskar River
  • Sonmarg
  • Bhaderwah
  • Kupwara
  • Anantnag and Qazigund

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