15 Best Places of Tourist Interest in South Goa

15 Best Places of Tourist Interest in South Goa
Last Updated: September 9, 2019

If there was one word to describe South Goa, it would be ‘Laid-back’. The unhurried pace of life, exotic beaches and heritage villages beckon solitude seeking travellers from around the world. South Goa is the reliable source to estimate the rich Portuguese architectural legacy left behind. Offering some of the best beaches that are perfect for romantic escapes, surreal villages that are quiet the place for history buffs and an intoxicated air that keeps the ambiance enlivened all the time , South Goa is the destination that you cannot simply ignore.

Here are some of the best places that you need to visit in South Goa to make memories that will last forever


Colva Beach Goa

Photo: Flickr

Often addressed as the pride of Salcete, Colva at a distance of about 6kms from Margaon is amongst the best places to visit in South Goa. Giving Calangute head to head fight, Colva stands as a place with a huge fan following. Colva’s popularity can be blamed for it being crowded as in a solitude seeker may not like this place at all. However, if you travel a little far from Central Colva either towards north or south, your peace of mind can be resumed. On the other hand, if you are someone who loves to party, Colva can be the right place for you in Goa. At the beach, Full Moon Parties are held on or before full moon night. The energy is crazy and so is the crowd, this is probably one of the best parties that can be attended in Goa. Dolphin sighting early in the morning is also an option here.

  • Highlight: Full Moon Party, Dolphin Sighting
  • How to Reach: Margaon is only at a distance of 6kms from Colva, so one can easily commute by auto or a bus. Bikes are also available at Margao and are a cheap option to reach Colva. For Margao trains are available from many cities of India.
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March


Benaulim Beach Goa

Photo: Flickr

To the south of Margaon is a beach town called Benaulim. The town is like the feather in the hat of South Goa’s coastline as it comprises of a beautiful beach fringed by swaying palms and coconut trees. Benaulim is also popular in all of South Goa for its soul-saving seafood. The beach is a decent place to relax, take sunbath and try scrumptious seafood. Like Colva, Dolphin sighting is also available in Benaulim.

  • Highlights: Seafood, Dolphin Sighting
  • How to Reach: Benaulim is at a distance of only 5kms from Margaon and can be reached easily by auto/bus/bike. For Margao trains are available from many cities of India.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to April

Vasco Da Gama:

Vasco Da Gama Goa

Photo: Flickr

Named after the famous Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama is a gem in the treasure trove called South Goa. This small town is situated on the western tip of the Mormugao Peninsula, at the mouth of Zuari River. Despite being infamous as the crime centre of Goa because of its suburban shanty town and a large red-light area, Vasco manages to create interest amongst the tourists as it adds a different aspect to the tourism of Goa. Other than this, Vasco is well-connected with the other parts of Goa, therefore to reach some beautiful South Goa beaches, one needs to travel to Vasco anyway.

  • Highlights: Baina Beach, Snorkeling
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Vasco Da Gama is by taking a bus/cab from Panjim or Margao.
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March


Bogmalo Beach Goa

Photo: Flickr

Situated not so far away from Dabolim Airport, Bogmalo is a decent stop for those with spare two to three hours before their flight. This small yet beautiful stretch of sand is ideal to spend time basking in the sun. Also, it is a wonderful place to experience the underwater scene, at Bogmalo you can find the best dive operators in entire Goa.

  • Highlights: Scuba Diving
  • How to Reach: Bogmalo beach is situated on the road to Dabolim airport, thus it is quite easy to travel to Bogmalo by a cab.
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March


Varca Beach Goa

Photo: Panormio

Known for its beach, Varca is a popular destination for tourists in South Goa. At a short distance from Varca is its beach, which is nothing short of unparalleled beauty. An array of Palm trees, sprawling golden sand, azure water and almost hawker-free coast makes Varca one of the most fascinating places to be in Goa. At Zuri White Sands Resort on the Varca Beach there is an interesting place for tourists called Dunes, which is a casino (Another thing Goa is famous for).

  • Highlights: The Our Lady of Gloria Church, Casino
  • How to Reach: Varca is situated at a short distance of about 10kms from Margao. Thus, the best way to reach Varca would be to take a cab or a bus.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Cavelossim Fishing Boats

Photo: Flickr

The last village on the Salcete coastline, Cavelossim is indeed a charming place to visit. It is one of those places that no sun-worshipper can resist going to as it is blessed with a beautiful sandy stretch and amazing sunset view. Apart from it, from Cavelossim there is a splendid view of the confluence of Sal River and sea. Since a lot of tourism is expected here year round, the beach strip is straggled with shops selling jewellery and souvenirs.

  • Highlights: Resorts, Sun-bathing
  • How to Reach: Cavelossim is at a distance of about 7kms from Margao, therefore it is best to take a cab or a bus from Margao to Cavelossim.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Arossim Goa

Photo: Flickr

Now this destination of South Goa is for the solitude seekers. An excellent place to spend time amidst tranquility Arossim is simply a perfect place in South Goa. If you like vintage, Arossim can be the best place to offer you some good ol’ Goan vintage furniture. There are number of high-end beach resorts located here that render opportunity to enjoy Abhyanga (four-hand massage). The up-market here serves some scrumptious Goan dishes like Casa Sarita, vindalho and the mushroom xacuti. The resorts are pricey even for one night but it is all truly worth it.

  • Highlights: Abhyanga Spa, Clean and quiet beach
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Arossim is via Vasco Da Gama. There are trains also available till Vasco and for Arossim one can take a bus or a cab from here.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Patnem Beach South Goa

Photo: Flickr

A small beach and a pretty one as well, Patnem makes a great destination to spend some quality time in South Goa. The beach is aligned with lovely beach shacks and has a lively surfing and swimming options. The stylish strings of stalls fringing the beach sell Kashmiri trinkets and jewellery. Most tourist prefer coming to Patnem because of its serene ambiance and indescribable beauty. So, if you are in South Goa this is one place you should not miss.

  • Highlights: Wellness treatments
  • How to Reach: The nearest rail head of Patnem is Palolem, which is situated at a short distance from Patnem. One can get down at Palolem and then take a cab to Patnem. Margao is at a distance of 45kms from Palolem, so one can also hire a taxi from here.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Majorda Beach Goa

Photo: Flickr

Majorda is an organized beach with lot of beach shacks. A stream separates the narrow ways from the beach. It is a gorgeous beach with lot of young crowd basking in the sun and enjoying decent meals here. It is said that Majorda is the place that first taught the art of baking European breads in India, thus you will have an opportunity to enjoy some fine cookies and cakes here. Mae De Deus is another attraction of Majorda, it is an ancient church, which was built in 1588 A.D. Majorda has its own charm so if you are here with your loved one; do not leave before the sun sets down because the view that time is simply priceless.

  • Highlights: Majorda Village, Goan Bakers, Mae De Deus Church, Water Sports
  • How to Reach: Margao is at a short distance of about 11kms from Majorda, thus it is convenient to travel by the bus or a cab to Majorda.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Colomb Goa

Photo: Flickr

The sleepy bay of Colomb is ideal for a holiday as nothing rejuvenates the mind than a quiet and beautiful place. Colomb is both serene and incredibly beautiful; it can be a perfect romantic getaway in South Goa. The beach boasts about some excellent eat-out options predominantly serving Kashmiri, Italian and Swiss food. Colomb is separated by Neptune’s Point (a large rock) from Palolem beach. To make it more clear, Neptune’s Point is the same place where the famous Silent Noise weekly headphone parties take place. There are also some lovely and affordable resorts available here.

  • Highlights: Neptune’s Point, Beach Shacks, Silent Noise Party, Kashmiri Food
  • How to Reach: Colomb is a short distance from Palolem beach, which makes it a lot easier to be reached either by a cab or a bike.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Mansion in Chandor Goa

Photo: Flickr

On the bank of River Kushavati, Chandor is a sleepy town in South Goa. This destination has made its mark as a significant stop for its collection of Portuguese architecture. Between 6th and 11th century, this village was called Chandrapur and was reckoned as the most spectacular city of the Konkan Coast. Today, Chandor is a small village with important relics dating back to the Portuguese era and a Hindu temple and headless Nandi Bull built in the 11th century. The Portuguese mansion at Chandor can be an excellent venue for weddings and parties.

  • Highlights: Fernandes House, Feast of Three Kings (January 6), Achies Art Gallery
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Chandor is by a cab from Margao.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to April


Agonda Saint Annes Church Goa

Photo: Flickr

Someone said that Agonda is an ideal beach destination for those who ‘Quit on Monday’ and it is not an overstatement for sure. Yes, there are indeed quieter beaches in Goa, where you would like to spend time on the first day of the week but Agonda seem to have some magnetic energy pulling one towards it. Not that ideal for swimming though, this beach can be a great place to spend a lazy day. An evening stroll can also be equally ideal at Agonda. A Church in the centre of the beach further adds to the beauty of this place.

  • Highlights: Dolphin Sighting, Hill Hiking, Samdarshi’s mediation Ashram (winter), Cola Beach, Yogamea Yoga School
  • How to Reach: Agonda is only 10kms from Palolem and can be easily reached by a cab or a motorbike from Palolem.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Loutolim Casa Araujo Alvares

Photo: Panormio

Loutolim is an apt place to witness the legacy of Portuguese architecture. An unhurried village, Loutolim is a treasure trove for the history buffs; however most of the edifices are closed for the tourists. The most popular places to visit here would be Casa Araujo Alvares and a whitewashed Church Salvador do Mundo. Loutlim is also known for its ancestral museum. Big Foot is yet another place of interest for the tourists, where you can touch the Big Foot mark on the rock and make a wish. Loutlim is certainly have the caliber to take one into the glorious past of this region and one may do nothing but stand in awe after visiting this small yet majestic place in South Goa.

  • Highlights: Salvador do Mundo, Casa Araujo Alvares, Big Foot Museum, Miranda House, Roque Caetan House and Salvador Costs House, Sant Mirabai
  • How to Reach: Loutolim is only at a short distance from Margao, so the best way to reach here from Margao would be to take a cab or on your own motorbike.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March


Mobor Beach Goa

Photo: Flickr

Mobor is renowned for offering beachside bliss. Situated quite close to the location where River Sal meets the Arabian Sea, Mobor is certainly a place to cherish. It is a romantic escape in South Goa and the heaven for solitude seekers. One would love to bask in the sun here without being interrupted by hawkers. Watersports like water-skiing, wind-surfing and jet-skiing can be enjoyed on Mobor beach. The beach shares its border with Cavelossim and is comparatively quieter.

  • Highlights: Blue Whale Shack, Leela Kempinski
  • How to Reach: Mobor is at a short distance from Margao thus it is ideal to take a cab or bike ride to reach here.


Assolna F1 Boat on the River Sal

Photo: Flickr

Situated on the south side of River Sal, Assolna is yet another surreal place in South Goa. Assolna is famous for its colonial era palacios (None are open to the public) that are simply a delight to witness. Casa dos Costa Martins is a place that one might find interesting as this palace has a very Indian touch to its architecture.

  • Highlights: Portuguese Palaces, Jewellery and Trinkets
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Assolna is by a ferry from Cavelossim.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

South Goa can be a paradise for solitude seekers as well as honeymoon couples. We hope our list of places to visit could be of some help to you.

Photo 1 Source: Flickr

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