The Top 15 Weekend Getaways From Goa for Couples

The Top 15 Weekend Getaways From Goa for Couples
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Just imagine this conversation between a husband and wife, who stays in Goa

Wife: I am so bored of these beaches, let’s go somewhere on this weekend!

Husband: Wifey, we stay in Goa, which is the hub of the honeymooners and couples. Where on this earth, do you expect us to visit?

Wife: Anywhere, anything apart from beaches. It’s not like, I don’t love beaches anymore. But I want to explore something new.

This landed the husband in jeopardy. Obviously, he has to worry about because finding a place for a romantic getaway with his wife, despite staying in one of the India’s most beautiful destination, was a little difficult task. Somewhere like the husband of this story, many people in Goa must be finding it difficult to search for a place that is as beautiful as their hometown. So to help all these people to find the perfect weekend getaways around Goa that are less time consuming, less crowded, less polluted and equally beautiful, I decided to pen a blog. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the getaways around Goa that can steer your weekend far away from the sea, and rekindle your love-spark.


Amboli Drive for 121 kilometers from Goa and you will arrive at the first attraction of our list, Amboli. One of the nearest hill stations from Goa, Amboli is bestowed with finest beautiful waterfall, ancient temples, and spectacular sunset and sunrise points, which makes it one of the best places to visit for a romantic holiday. Owing to its location in Sahyadri Hills of Western India, also known as the world famous Eco hot-spot, Amboli is the breeding ground of flora and fauna. Nangartas Waterfall, Hiranyakeshi, Sea View Point, Mahadevgad, and Kavlesaad Point are amongst the attractions of Amboli. Monsoon and winter are the best time to visit Amboli. For accommodation, here you might not find some luxury hotels to stay, but decent budget accommodations are easily available. Make sure to go for a romantic walk with your partner.

Distance: 118 kilometers


Coorg Kodagu, also known as Coorg, might be a little far away from Goa but an amazing place to visit for a romantic long weekend. The scenic Coorg appeals to all the romantic at heart as much as it does to the adventurist. For adventure lovers, there is no dearth of adventure activities; they can go for trekking, rock climbing, and windsurfing. For a different kind of romantic experience, visit waterfalls like Abbey Falls, and Irupu Falls. You can also go for bird-watching or trekking in its lush forests, or simply relax with a cup of coffee in one of its many quaint homestays. Vivanta by Taj Madikeri, Orange County, Club Mahindra Madikeri, and Amanvana Resort and Spa are the best places to stay for couples.

Distance: 502 kilometers

Chorla Ghat

Chorla ghat


Located 68 kilometers from Goa – tri-junction of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, Chorla Ghat is a peaceful holiday location for couples. Apart from its lush hills that remain carpeted with the dark stem of the plant heavily laden with large flower buds, what makes this place even more interesting is its unique mix of bio-diversity. The Twin Vajra Waterfalls and Peak of Lasni Temb are two popular attractions in this region. Tourist can engage in jungle walks, hiking, and trekking. Couple can also go for night trail into the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in the Swapnagandha Valley of Goa.

Distance: 67.8 kilometers


Lavasa If you and your partner are looking for a place where you can get into some action by indulging in some adventure activities; go for a short trek; savor some lip-smacking cuisine or simply enjoy some privacy in the high altitude room of a luxury hotel, then Lavasa is simply the place to be. In Lavasa, there is something for every type of couple. With miles lush landscapes, some of the best restaurants and bar in Maharashtra, glamorous Bollywood sites, and the sunshine nearly year-round, Lavasa is simply romantic and you will never get bored of this city.

Distance: 486.3 kilometers




For all those couples, whose idea of a perfect romantic vacation is to drench themselves in the beauty of nature and see wildlife up close then they should consider a trip to Kudremukh. It’s just because of Kudremukh National Park’s presence, this hill station cum mining town is quite famous amongst the visitors. Besides, there are many trekking options available in the region. Nestled around five sacred ponds – Naga Teertha, Amba Teertha, Rudra Teertha, Vasishtha Teertha, and Varaha Teertha, Kudremukh offers a spellbinding view, luscious jungles, and secluded resorts that cater almost exclusively to couples.

Distance: 393 kilometers


Hampi Karnataka It’s hard not to feel the love in Hampi. With its iconic monuments (Badavai Linga, Achutaraya Temple, Hazara Rama Temple), Islamic style architecture, Hampi is practically built for lovers who have a little bent towards the history. Owing to its temples, and grand structures, some of which are in ruins, Hampi is even recognized as a World Heritage sites. Here, couples can visit many attractions like Badavai Linga, Achutaraya Temple, Hazara Rama Temple, Krishna Temple, Vittala Temple, Chandramauleshwara Temple, Muslim Sunni Masjid, Lotus Mahal, Stepped Tank, and Watch Tower. And all those who are yet to find love, then they’re guaranteed to meet beautiful, personable people. On a romantic holiday to Hampi, coracle boat ride along Tungabhadra River is a must try. Accommodation options are available in Hospet, which is hardly 12 kilometers away from Hampi.

Distance: 316 kilometers


Panchgani Yes, Panchgani. The places might be pretty overcrowded but the list of romantic places around Goa is incomplete without the mention of Panchgani. Nestled in the Sahyadri hills amidst the lush trees, Panchgani has been the favorite haunt of the visitors since the time of Britishers. And even today, the tinsel hamlet remains crowded with tourists rush. Rajpuri Caves, Parsi Point, Sydney Point, and Table Top Mountain are some of the places in Panchgani where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you’ve extra time at your disposal, make a point to visit Wai, a picturesque town, on the banks of river Krishna, that is known for its temples and beautiful ghats.

Distance: 379 kilometers


Agumbe Reckoned as the ‘Cherrapunji of the South,’Agumbe is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples. This breathtakingly beautiful town is barely 379 kilometers from Goa and attracts attraction good number of tourists from around the world for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Agumbe is mainly known for its dense forest, thus, it often remains associated with the rainforest conservation and medicinal plants. Moreover, it is because of its unique topography and suitable temperatures that the region is the breeding ground of King Cobra, longest venomous snake in the world. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is a one of its kind in the country. Sunset Points, Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Gopalakrishna Temple are the major sightseeing options in Agumbe.

Distance: 324 kilometers




Scenic romantic getaway closer to Goa, Nersa is the perfect offbeat place to go for a long drive with your loved ones; indulging in bird watching and trekking through the thick foliage. Nersa is located in Mahadayi Valley and appears to be a delight for wildlife enthusiast and bird lovers. Also, locals say that around 40 species of bats have been seen in Nersa. From steep rocky to the undulating countryside, adventure lovers can find here a good variety of treks like Kongla, Bhimgad, Abnali, Jamgoan, and Dongargoan. Best time to visit Nersa is between March and October. Distance: 78.8 kilometers

Shimoga and Sigandur



When it comes to going for a romantic holiday and honeymoon, there is no better place than a hill station. And when it comes to hill stations there is nothing better than Shimoga. With varied landscapes and attraction. this stunning hill station getaway has something to offer for everybody! In stunning Shimoga, you can visit the tall and cascading Jog falls, and jungles of Agumbe for the wilderness lover; undertake canoeing ride at Honnemaradu, and go for birdwatching tour to Gudavi Bird sanctuary. Along with Shimoga, you should also visit a small village, Sigandur. Hardly 63 kilometers from Shimoga, Sigandur is famous for Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple, which attracts a good number of tourists due to its religious significance.

Distance: 304.6 kilometers




A popular retreat for nature lovers and adventure aficionado, Dandeli is hardly 103 kilometer from Goa. For all the couples interested in adventure, go for a safari tour and white water rafting. Tourists can also enjoy bird watching and angling. Many camps in Dandeli organizes activities like night camps, nature walks, boating, bird watching, tiger and crocodile spotting and angling, along with picnics, eco-tourism, and trips to nearby caves and temples.

Distance: 103.3 kilometers




For a different kind of romantic experience, you can consider a trip to Shravanabelagola, which is known for tall and imposing 2300-year-old monolith statue of Bahubali, son of fist Jain Tirthankara, which is 58 feet high, 26 feet wide and 10 feet long. Nestled in the middle of the two hills, Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri, Shravanabelagola is a picturesque town in Hassan region. The town attracts millions of tourists from different corners of the world during the Mahamastakabhisheka festival, which is held once in 12 years. Since Shravanabelagola is located at a radius of 542 kilometers from Goa, so to reach here tourists can book a train ride or take a flight to Bangalore and thereupon, hire a cab.

Distance: 542 kilometers




What if you spend your romantic vacation with your partners in the historical heritages, against the backdrop for a romantic escapade? Well, such beautiful background is what you can expect from Bijapur, also known as Vijaypura or the city of victory. Amongst the most popular places to visit in Karnataka, Bijapur is known for its historical vestiges like Gol Gumbaz, Archaeological Museum, Ibrahim Rauza, King Edward VII Memorial, Chand Bawdi, and many more places.

Distance: 310 kilometers


Satoddi Falls Yellapur


Cool wind creases the cheeks; lush trees dancing on tunes of the breeze – Yellapur offers a whole different experience. Pure unadulterated, natural fun. Yellapur is a picture perfect romantic getaway for the avid photographer and a devoted nature worshipper. An ultimate romantic holiday destination, Yellapur is perfect for those seeking serenity at an altitude of 1774 feet! Weekends in Yellapur tend to be less crowded, so if you’re looking for a privacy its a perfect place to be. Take a visit to the waterfalls in the area like Satoddi Falls and Magod Falls, and Jenukallu Gudda.

Distance: 156.3 kilometers

Well, the mostly aforesaid attractions are not the coastal towns. But if you are desperately looking for beaches, then there are plenty of options around Goa like Gokarna (132 kilometers), Ankola (120 kilometers), Malpe (313 kilometers), and Murudeshwar (201 kilometers). Also, if you know any good place around Goa, please share in the comments below. Click Here to Get Amazing Travel Deals of India at Lowest Rates.

First Published on: 10 Oct, 2016
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