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15 Best Family Attractions in Dubai

Best Family Attractions in Dubai

The glitzy and glamorous Dubai is famous for its abundance of tourist attractions and definitely not only a paradise for the adults, but for the kids as well. And the enchanting city houses numerous fascinating attractions for them to explore. You might for once wonder why your kids should see Dubai, a place known to many as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Well, keep your worries away as Dubai has been crowned as one of the best family-friendly holiday destinations in the world! Go through this travel guide to family holidays in Dubai for a better idea on how to spend a perfect family vacation in the city.

1. Skydive Indoors at iFly Dubai in Mirdif City Centre

iFly Dubai

Skydiving in Dubai is a must for most tourists who are coming to Dubai and seek activities that lead to – adrenaline rush. The usual skydive will require a person to jump off a plane at a very high altitude of almost 4,000 meters. Parents will normally disallow their young children to try out this activity though. Thus, the Mirdif City Centre, which is actually a shopping mall, decided to come out for an alternative so that younger children as young as three years old can enjoy a safer skydiving. Therefore the mall now houses one of the biggest indoor adventures in UAE, which is the iFly Dubai. The centre is equipped with the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel so that the flyers can experience to fly higher in the 10-metre acrylic glass tunnels. Now everyone can enjoy skydiving, not only children but adults as well!

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden


Drop by the Al Barsha South region and witness a miracle with your family in a one-of-a-kind world of a mega garden in the middle of a desert. There are numerous sightseeing places in Dubai and this park is definitely one of them, being home to more than 45 million blooming flowers showcased in a variety of designs and immense sculptures. Stroll and have fun with your beloved family under a ceiling of colorful umbrellas in the flower garden and create wonderful memories with them to commemorate your family visit to Dubai.

3. Global Village

Global Village Dubai


Tag your children along to see the world at Global Village, definitely one of Dubai’s most popular tourist attractions from October to April, comprising of almost 40 pavilions each representing a different country showcasing their very own local products. Let your children explore and experience a true global adventure at the pavilions set up by countries, like Italy, Egypt, Oman, Vietnam and others. Have a taste and purchase the delicious honey from Yemen and shop for exquisite carpets from Afghanistan and Iran. The Global Village also offers entertainment to all including the thrilling funfair rides for both adults and children as well as music concerts, magic shows and comedy shows.

4. Kite Beach

Kite Beach


Dubai is famous for its beaches and the Kite Beach is arguably the most popular tourists spot in Dubai especially among those who love to spend their vacations on beaches and enjoy watersports. A family trip to Dubai without stopping by the Kite Beach is simply an incomplete vacation, and that is a fact! Just across the Al Manara Road junction, the Kite Beach offers a great excitement to all where you can enjoy sitting by the beach and have a swim in the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. Plus, there are lots of other things to do at the Kite Beach such as the outdoor trampolines and the freshly paved Skate Park for the adults to show their skills.

5. Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark


You should include a visit to the famous Aquaventure Waterpark whilst creating your family holiday plans in Dubai. There are varieties of rides, water tubes and a shark lagoon where you will go through a clear tube surrounded by rays and sharks. If you got a thrill seeker among your family members, let him experience all the record-breaking rides to satisfy his thirst for adventures. Meanwhile, the little ones can have their very own time enjoying Splashers Children’s Play Area and much tamer rides. Enjoy a much relaxing activity by strolling along the Lazy River that stretches through the park or have a sunbath on the private beach of the Atlantis, The Palm for a much peaceful and tranquil surrounding.

6. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark


There are so many things to do in Dubai and the famous Wild Wadi Waterpark is definitely one of the attractions you should pay attention to whilst visiting the magnificent city of Dubai. The waterpark offers more than 30 rides for you to enjoy and have fun with your children. Experience surfing at the Wipeout and Riptide Flowrides and face three tornados at the Tantrum Alley and enjoy the 120-meter tandem slides at an amazing speed of 80 km/h at the Jumeirah Sceirah or simply float at the Lazy River whilst admiring the stunning Burj Al Arab.

7. Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay


Splashing alongside the friendliest mammals at Dolphin Bay should be included as one of your family holiday activities in Dubai. Located in Atlantis, The Palm, Dolphin Bay give you and your family the opportunity to swim and get close with the dolphins by booking any of the packages offered; such as Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Adventure. You may also do some diving with the dolphins by taking up the Dolphin Scuba Dive package and try swimming along with them iby booking the Royal Swim package.

8. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


Featuring largest tank in the world, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a must visit tourist attraction in Dubai. It is located on the third floor of The Dubai Mall and offers varieties of activities for the tourists to experience the underwater life. The underwater zoo has a collection of more than 33,000 aquatic animals and features the largest collection of sand tiger sharks. Out here, you can go for a long stroll the 48-meter walk-through tunnel to see the diverse aquatic life. Or take part in aquatic experiences like cage-snorkelling and a variety of special dives.

9. Dubai Camel Safari in The Desert

Dubai Camel Safari


Riding camels and having fun in the 4×4 wheels in the desert is arguably some of the best family attractions in Dubai and a must to try with your family! Unless you are someone who gets car sick, do not miss out on having fun dune bashing in the desert in the 4×4 jeep, a very challenging activity indeed, yet suitable for all ages. Riding the camels at the dunes is not something you could do every day and everywhere. Thus, let the children experience and explore the desert on the camels back so that they will be able to take home beautiful memories of their holidays in Dubai.

10. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa, acknowledged as the best landmark in Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best attractions that your family must visit in Dubai whilst spending vacation in this amazing city. It is currently the tallest man-made building on this universe! Get on the world’s highest outdoor observation deck and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, ocean and desert from its exclusive lounges.

11. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai


Dubai is not all about the heat and the deserts; especially during the summer and neither going to the water parks is the only way to cool down yourself. Experience winter and cold weather at Ski Dubai with your children that is strategically located in Mall of the Emirates. It is perfect to combine a visit there with shopping and other activities at the mall. Let your children have some joyful moments throwing snowballs at each other or grab the snowboards and hit the slopes. Plan your family holiday in Dubai well so that everyone can share the various excitements during this vacation.

12. The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain

Being one of the most popular family holiday destinations in Asia, Dubai needs some incredible things to be set up to attract more visitors and thus, they invented the magnificent and world famous Dubai Fountain, located at the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake in the middle of the city. Accompanied with varieties of classical Arabic music, the water fountain seems to be dancing along to the music whilst shooting colourful water 150 meter into the air with the help of amazing system controlled from the nearby Dubai Mall.

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13. Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink


The Dubai Mall is certainly fit with the theme ‘Dubai for family tourism’ as it houses many indoor activities that are suitable for everyone, including the Olympic-size ice rink which attracts lots of visitors annually. The ice rink is not only for those who are skilled and experienced enough in this kind of sport, but also perfect for the amateurs or beginners to learn skating through varieties of programs arranged at the ice rink, and it is opened to all ages from six to sixty! As for younger kids, there are few other programs like Private skating coaches are given to them to familiarize themselves with the ice rink.

14. Discover the Old Town of Dubai

Abra boat Dubai


Bring your children and let them explore the Old Town on the creek by taking the traditional ‘abra’ boat, and discover the other side of Dubai that is rich with culture and heritage, making it as one of the best places to visit in Dubai for kids and families. Drop by at some of the famous souks like that of gold, spice and textile and enjoy a visit to Dubai Museum as well. Later on, wander around Bastakiya, a lovely little area with narrow streets and beautifully built wind-tower . Let your children discover the other side of life in Dubai whilst spending some time in the Old Town.

15. Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Bus Tour


Riding on the hop-on hop-off bus is the best thing to do in Dubai. You can always hop off at any of the attractions in the city, enjoy good times with your family there and hop on the bus again to get to the next attractions fixed by the tour bus. Commentaries are given in 12 languages and to keep the little ones entertained along the journey, commentaries are given in the voices of cartoon characters like Alice, Ali and Ghantoot, the Arabian Orynx. Thus, this will keep them happy as well as being well-informed about their next destinations.

The list is endless as there are certainly lots of other fun things to do in Dubai more than you can imagine. Travelling to Dubai with you family for a vacation will be the best decision ever where you can enjoy relaxing on the white sandy beach under the shining sun, exploring the oasis tucked away in the desert as well as enjoying the picturesque view of Dubai from the highest skyscraper in the world. What a perfect family vacation it can be and you must not miss out on it! To plan a Dubai trip wrapped up with unlimited fun, call us at +91-9212553106/07 or email us at

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