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15 Top Places for a Great Dubai Shopping Tour

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The three things that always come to one’s mind when one hears Dubai – sightseeing, shopping, and more shopping. The city boasts duty-free luxury goods compared to their prices in the western countries. Also, the low custom duties have made the Dubai International Airport the best-visited duty-free airport in the world for the last-minute shopping. With the number of traditional and modern shopping options, Dubai has been named as one of the shopping capitals of the world. You can take a trip to Dubai just to shop and still can never get enough of it. From luxury to budget brands, from electronics to gold and from spices to rugs, Dubai has so much for everyone. Shopping in Dubai can be conveniently divided into three segments Shopping Malls, Souks, and Shopping Areas. Where on one hand, malls give a luxurious experience to all the shoppers, local shops provide with more of the traditional experience. Bargaining in Dubai is common at souks, market and sometimes even at shopping malls. You simply have to ask for the “Best Price” & shopkeepers will provide you with an additional discount on already discounted items. Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)in spring and Dubai Summer Surprises in summer are two of the major shopping events held in the country that invite thousands of shoppers from abroad and United Arab Emirates itself.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Currency of Dubai - Dirham

If there’s any place where ultimate happiness comes in shopping bags, then it ought to be here at Dubai’s Shopping fest. It is definitely every shopaholic’s dream come true with too good to be true prices. The shopping fest goes beyond heavy discounts, heavy bargain and unbelievable prices. The fun fest is packed up with flash mobs, live performances, amazing local and international cuisine, games, chance to win a cash prize, gifts along with the showstopper fireworks. Here you will come across a vast variety of goods with most of them being tax-free. Discounts on the big brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani and more will tempt you to engage in this extravaganza and if you are lucky enough you can even bag a discount of more than 75 percent on your favorite brands.

Dubai Summer Surprises

Holidays in Dubai Missed the DSF during spring? Fret not, there’s always a second chance in Dubai and it comes with the name tag Dubai Summer Surprises. This festival is an initiative taken by the government to promote Dubai as a family holiday spot and attracts a lot of families every year. The summer festival takes place during the kids’ summer vacation and focuses on their fun, entertainment, and knowledge. But it’s not just about kids, the festival also offers a sneak peek into latest fashion trends, rocking performances by the renowned talents, and so much more.

Apart from the shopping festivals that attract visitors from all over the world, Dubai’s malls are other attractions for the tourists. Filled with glitz and glamour, malls in Dubai are the ultimate heaven for all the shopaholics. From hi-end international clothing brands to luxury watches, electronics, jewelry, cars, and so much more. The plush and lavish shopping malls in Dubai aren’t just about the fancy stores but these malls are also the great place for anyone and everyone who loves indoor activities. During the sultry hot summer days, Dubai’s malls provide tourists and locals with the much-needed break. Considering the fact that shopping is the ‘national hobby’ of the locals, the malls of Dubai are the magnificent work of culture and modernization. From artificial waterfall to world’s largest aquarium and an indoor ski slope there is so much to do inside a mall than shopping.

Have a look at our blog for your ultimate guide for shopping in Dubai, engage in mall hopping and know what to buy. Do all of this and have the best time of your lives in United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Shopping Mall

Dubai Shopping Mall

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Biggest mall in downtown, Dubai Shopping Mall makes for the perfect spot for all the shopaholics. The mall which attracts visitors with its opulent interiors is home to over thousand stores, a spectacular four-storey indoor waterfall, a huge aquarium, along with the most luxurious stores from the US and Europe.

Mall of Emirates

Mall of Emirates

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Brushing its shoulders with skyscrapers, Mall of Emirates is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The luxurious mall is home to 560 international brands, more than 700 stores and 11 anchor stores has the best of everything. Besides shopping, one can also spend a good time at Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort.

Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall Dubai

Photo: https://bit.ly/2LbxCYy

Soak yourself in Arabian indulgence designed keeping in mind the ancient Egyptian architecture while shopping for the luxurious brands. Apart from exciting you from its ancient Egyptian charm, Wafi Mall houses excellent regional boutique stores and international luxury brands like Chanel & Givenchy.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai

Photo: https://bit.ly/2kdrKC1

Welcome to the World’s largest themed shopping mall on Sheikh Zayed Road which pays tribute to the Arab traveller, Ibn Battuta. Just one step inside the mall & you will feel like stepping into an altogether a different world. The mall has over 270 stores and keeps its visitors hooked with its vibrant ambiance.

Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall

Photo: https://bit.ly/2IyZDrk

Home to more than 200 stores this heavenly mall is popular for its collection of best bands at unbelievable prices. Looking for designer clothes, sunglasses, perfumes, cosmetics or watches Dubai Outlet Mall is the place to be. Get unbelievable discounts on international brands like Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, and Burberry. Also, Mondays are additional discount days with up to 50 percent off on selected items.

City Centre Mirdif

City Centre Mirdif Dubai

Photo: https://bit.ly/2IS8gR1

The modern mall with its innovative design and modern architecture and creativity sets this mall apart from the rest of the world. An indoor skydiving center iFly will add fun-filled experience to your mall visit. Situated in Dubai Creek this is a modern mall in Dubai that a shopper shouldn’t’ miss out.

Global Village

Global Village Dubai

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When it comes to luxury and shopping in UAE, Dubai has so much up its sleeves. The global village is another such shopping attraction that you must not miss. Its festive ambiance attracts tourist from late November through to the end of February. If you are on a shopping tour in UAE this place will win your heart and the celebratory feeling which you experience here will linger long after your visit ends.

Bur Dubai Souk

Bur Dubai Souk

Photo: https://bit.ly/2rWdDnJ

Popular for its spectacular collection of colorful textiles and fabrics brought specially from India and far east, Bur Dubai Souk is the perfect place to buy all kind of exotic fabrics. The atmosphere is forever lit, and streets are always brimming with jewellery stores, tailoring shops, and interesting saree stores. It is the perfect place to buy a fabric get it tailored.

Karama Shopping Centre

Karama Shopping Centre Dubai

Photo: https://bit.ly/2LfmVEf

One stop shop for beautiful UAE souvenirs and mementos which you like to take back home for your family. As compared to other expensive mall shops, Karama Shopping Centre offers great stuff at reasonable prices. Although the architecture and surroundings are not posh and luxurious, you would get great fashion knockoffs here, from imitation watches to designer clothes the market is bustling with other such counterfeit goods.

Al Fahidi Street

Dubai Electronic Shopping

Photo: https://bit.ly/2LePkdV

Lined up with electronic shops that sell computers, laptops, cameras and household electronics like oven, refrigerator and so much more, Al Fahidi Street is a paradise for tourist who is looking to shop for electronics in UAE. Also, since the country is ‘tax-free’, just like other products, electronics to are cheaper here as compared to other countries in different parts of the world. But, as a buyer, one must make sure to ask for an international warranty on the products they purchase.

Deira Gold Souk

Deira Gold Souk Dubai

Photo: https://bit.ly/2IMamlJ

Imagine a place where you can bargain for gold! Yes, you read it right, at Deira Gold Souk you can buy stunning gold jewellery, gold biscuits, gold chips at best bargain prices in the whole world. Visitors will find two souks here, an old souk scattered with gold shops and the modern two-storey building, both of them lie close to each other. If you are planning to visit gold souk in Dubai, it is advisable to have a plenty of time as one will have to hop from shop to shop to see the number of varieties they offer and to fish for the cheapest rate. As most of the shops sell similar, or in fact same goods, you shouldn’t hesitate to bargain and ask them for the best price.

Well, there is so much to explore in Dubai’s shopping malls that no matter how many times you visit them, you will always keep on wanting for more and more. Apart from just indulging in a sightseeing tour to Dubai, one must also invest in a shopping tour for an experience of a lifetime. Here we would like to mention that one must conduct a detailed study before going on a shopping trip to Dubai as the lot of options might just confuse even the experienced shoppers out there. So, listing down things you need, researching about the places in advance and planning for the shopping day might come in handy and help you make the most of your shopping in Dubai. In case, you want us to help you with your Dubai trip, contact us at +91-9212553108, we at Tour My India can provide you the best dubai travel packages that can cater to all your needs. You can even customize your package and choose your own budget as well.

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