19 Best Family Attractions in Sri Lanka for Holidays

19 Best Family Attractions in Sri Lanka

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Wondering where to spend your family holidays? If yes, then its time you plan a trip to Sri Lanka. Pick up our travel guide and get your eyes reeling across this ultimate escapade and rest assured that your trip to this exotic family destination will be no less than a bag full of fun and excitement. Sri Lanka brims with fascinating places for kids, popular hotspots for adults and unending family adventure. Go places, visit monuments or indulge in some of the most enticing things to do as this country will bring to you a golden chance to rediscover your family bonds and have a quality time together. To help you have the best family holiday, we have enlisted 19 best attractions in Sri Lanka, so make sure to read this blog, before you prepare your itinerary.

1. Galle Fort/ Dutch Fort: Enjoy a Day Out


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Enjoy a day out with your family to one of the most evocative and legendary archeological sites of the world, the Galle or the Dutch Fort. Built by the Portuguese and fortified by the Dutch, this historical monument is one among the best family attractions in Sri Lanka. During your outing to this popular tourist hotspot, walk around and witness the beauty of the colonial buildings. Together with your loved ones visit the museum, cafes, bookstores and antique shops situated within the bustling pavilions of the fort.

How to Reach: Board a bus or hire a cab from the capital city, the Fort is 132 KM away from Colombo.

2. Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage: Take a Break


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Delight in a journey to Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage located in the Pinnewala village 13 km northeast of Kegalle town in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka, which is again a popular tourist lure blessed with the bounties of nature. Enjoy spotting out a herd of wild Asian elephants at this orphanage established to look after elephants abandoned by their mothers. Your kids here can delight in the sight of elephants playing and bathing from the broad river bank. Also they will be able to watch the daily routine of the elephants here, such as bottle feeding of smaller ones and bulk of elephant food like jackfruit, tamarind, coconut and grass brought daily to feed the adult elephants. Together with your family, you can take pleasure in an open air picnic at Pinnewala, which is also one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

How to Reach: One can hire a cab and take the A1 Colombo to Kandy main road. If you wish to take a train, the closest Railway station is at Rambukkana 2km away from the village of Pinnawala. You can also catch a bus from Kandy at the Bus Shed Station to Udamulla. From there you take another bus to Rambukkana and get off at Pinnawala.

3. Yala West National Park: Head out for an Exhilarating Wildlife Safari


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Journey to Yala West National Park that lies in Southern Province and Uva Province of Sri Lanka and head out for a wildlife safari which will be one of the most interesting things to do with family. Sri Lanka might appear small in the world map but it encompasses few of the world’s exotic biodiversity hotspots. This National Park will be no less than a treat to wildlife lovers. Don’t miss to jump in for an adrenaline filled jeep safari with your family across the Yala West National Park and spot out the bold leopards lolling around the park.

How to Reach: Hire a cab from Bentota and take pleasure in an intriguing 4hrs drive to Yala, which 210 km away.

4. Galle to Mirissa: Delight in a Whale Watching Cruise


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Travelling with children to Galle for a whale watching cruise can be real fun as they will enjoy witnessing the sights they haven’t witnessed before. The cruise will take you from Galle to Mirissa and further towards Dondra Point. While on your way you will get to see playful dolphins that your kids will surely love. You might also get lucky enough to watch the giant blue whale, which will add on a thrill factor to your trip. During your holidays in Sri Lanka, this one jaunt will surely lend your children and you with the most memorable moments.

How to Reach: Take a tuk-tuk or board a bus from Colombo to reach Galle which is 132 km away from the capital city, and serves as the starting point of the cruise.

5. Kandalama: Jump In for a Hot Air Balloon Ride


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Travel to Kandalama and hop in for an adrenaline filled hot air balloon ride with your family. Fly up in the sky and peep down to see the spectacular beauty under your feet. Hot air ballooning will open up to the surreal beauty of the clouds and unending panoramic views. While you are enjoying the amazing scenery around, you can also capture great clicks as this ride will bless you a wonderful scope for photography and also with an experience of a lifetime. So don’t forget to add this to your list of top things to do with your family while you journey across Sri Lanka.

How to Reach: Hire a cab or board a bus to reach Kandalama, which is 161 km away from Colombo.

6. Ceylon: Follow the Tea Trails


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Visit the tea trails of Ceylon and get transported to the colonial era. Sri Lanka’s tea estate will be one among the best places to visit with Family. Nothing will be more delightful than taking a stroll across the lush green tea plantation with your family. Not only you will have an option to walk across the tea estate but will also get a golden chance to discover the entire tea making process. Right from the tea plucking process to its conversion at the factory, you will get to learn of things you haven’t known before. Apart from several other excursion points, this one will lend you with the most fascinating family experience.

How to Reach: Ceylon Tea Trail can be reached by a taxi from Colombo city which is situated 126 kms away. There are also flight between Colombo and Hatton, where this estate is situated.

7. Vedda: Opt For a Village Tour


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Exploring the popular family outing places in Sri Lanka can be real fun but taking the roads to an offbeat location can be even more interesting. During your tour across this diverse country don’t miss to opt for an intriguing village tour to Vedda. Together with your family, enjoy discovering the local way of life by heading out to this village. Wander past the diminutive settlements of a community who lives in the forest. Their living style will take you back to the Stone Age. While you tour across the village, don’t miss a chance to halt at a local dwelling. Sit together and discover a new taste by relishing the staple food of the village. You can have lots of pure honey here, as Vedda manufactures it a lot.

How to Reach: Village Vedda is close to Maduru Oya Sanctuary which is approximately 248 km from Colombo. Hiring a cab from Colombo will be an easy option to reach this village.

8. Sigiriya Fortress: Journey to this Majestic Monument


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One among the popular tourist attractions of Sri Lanka, the Sigiriya Fortress is a must see. This 1600 years old architectural icon was constructed by King Kasyapa. One of the best places to visit for adults, the Sigiriya Fortress will be no less than a treat to lovers of history and heritage. You can take your kids around this majestic structure and can brief them about the historical importance of this place. The beauty of this mammoth monument will surely keep your family occupied. The ideal time to visit the Sigiriya Fortress will be early in the morning or late afternoon.

How to Reach: One canopt Cinnamon Air, a domestic air travel service in Sri Lanka that operates daily scheduled flights to Sigiriya from Colombo. The destination can be reached within 30 minutes.

9. Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery: Watch Variety of Turtles from Close Quarter


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Make your trip to Sri Lanka an unforgettable one by paying a visit to Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery which is one among the most sought after kids and family travel places. Your kids are surely going to enjoy this place that is meant to breed turtles. Here you will get to spend great time watching small turtles being fed and cared for. Together with the ones you love, don’t miss a chance to spot out a variety of turtle species at the hatchery like Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green Turtle, to name a few. Also, witness the baby turtles play around in water from close quarters.

How to Reach: 10 to 15 minutes tuk- tuk ride south from Bentota

10. Colombo: Travel like a Local


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Go around exploring the wonders of Colombo, the ever-bustling capital city of Sri Lanka. Travel like a local in a tuk-tuks ( autos) and bring out the ardent roamer in you. Tuk-tuks serve as great means of transport as they take you all around the alluring locales of the city. If you happen to barge into a friendly and patient driver, you might just get lucky enough to stop wherever you wish to and take as many photographs as you want along with insight into the lives of locals.

11. Beira Lake: Enjoy a Languid Boat Ride


Photo: https://bit.ly/2h3jrtR

Share the best moments with your family! Don’t forget to enjoy a relaxing boat ride on Beira Lake situated in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. Rent a duck paddle boat at this spot and enjoy the beauty of the shimmering waters. While you paddle across the waters, you will encounter swans and real ducks, which will make your boat ride even more delightful. Your family vacation in Sri Lanka will surely leave you spellbind.

How to Reach: A 9 minutes tuk-tuk ride from Colombo will get you to Beira Lake which is 3.1 km away.

12. Dambulla Cave Temple: Indulge in a Soulful Sightseeing Trip


Photo: https://bit.ly/2eU6MVQ

Head over for a trip to Dambulla Cave Temple, which is again one of the most popular sightseeing places in Sri Lanka. Also known as the Golden Rock Temple, it is declared by UNESCO as the World Heritage City. Seek solace with your family at the sacred pavilions of this temple. You can also take a stroll around to explore the rare enigma of the indefinable architecture of the temple which is made with a huge granite outcrop. If any of you is a lover of art, Dambulla Cave Temple is sure to treat your eyes with its historic paintings which are worth witnessing.

How to Reach: The best mean of transport will be a bus or a train from capital city of Colombo to get to Dambulla which is 160 km away.

13. Dondra Head Lighthouse: Escape to this picture postcard place


Photo: https://bit.ly/2y4t5R3

Feel like a character from fairytale, escape with your loved ones to Dondra Head Lighthouse which is situated 6 km southeast of Matara town. The gushing waves of the ocean, the tall swaying coconut trees and the brightly colored Bougainvillea flowers, will charm you completely. Soak yourself in the beauty of this place and take amazing family pictures against this fascinating backdrop. This lighthouse dating back to the colonial times, will serve as an ultimate family getaway from the regular hustle and bustle.

How to Reach: One can take a cab from Colombo to reach Dondra which is 164 km away from the capital city.

14. Sigiriya Museum: Relive the history


Photo: https://bit.ly/2wWbHjO

A family day out to Sigiriya Museum will be a wonderful thing to do. For the lovers of history, a trip to the Sigiriya Museum is a must. Feel transported to the bygone days, take your children around the Museum’s gallery and let them enjoy the rich historic past. Make them observe the architectural spaces, photos, and models. This outing will surely help them learn a lot about the symbolic history and the indefinable art. The conceptual design of the museum will enchant you and make you relive the history again.

How to Reach: Take a regular bus or opt for a domestic flight from Colombo to reach Sigiriya Museum which is 177 km away.

15. Ulpotha Village: Relax and Rejuvenation through Yoga and Ayurveda


Photo: https://bit.ly/2wWHqS0

Together with your family seek solace and relaxation at Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats, the ideal escapade at Ulpotha Village. Nestled amidst green fields on one side and a lake on the other, the calmness and serenity of this place will rejuvenate your senses. Soak in the traditional village life and rejuvenate yourself with soothing Ayurveda therapies. Feel refreshed by attending the morning yoga classes with your kids at this delightful place. This spot will offer the ultimate space to your family to shun their weariness.

How to Reach: Hire a cab from Colombo and take the fastest route via E03 to reach Ulpotha Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat which is 164 km away.

16. Mirissa: Try your hands on Fishing


Photo: https://bit.ly/2wWw5RR

Mirissa is a great destination to visit with family. This place offers an incredible opportunity of enjoying fishing, which every member of the family can relish.During your family tour of Sri Lanka, fishing in Mirissa can be one among the top things to do. Sri Lanka being a picturesque coastal country will lend you with great options when it comes to this activity. You will get to spot out a wide variety of fishes like Tuna, Jackfish, Kingfish, Trevally, Baramundi and Indian Mackerel here in Sri Lanka.

How to Reach: You can take a bus, train, taxi or car from Colombo to reach Mirissa which is 155 km away from the capital city.

17. Tissamaharama: Relish a Lake Bird Watching Tour


Photo: https://bit.ly/2x0G73L

Tissamaharama town is one among the several must visit places in Sri Lanka. A paradise for bird watchers, the town will offer a blissful bird watching experience to your family. Enjoy spotting a rare variety of birds together and also relish views of Pannagamuwa Lake, Weerawila Lake, Tissa Lake, Yodha Wewa and Debarawewa Lake which serve as amazing spots for birding. Witness the kingdom of birds from close quarters and make the best out of this enjoyable family activity.

How to Reach: Board a bus or take a cab to reach Tissamaharama town which is 264 km away from Colombo.

18. Kollupitiya: Swig an Orange Coconut


Photo: https://bit.ly/2vTvnAV

Once you have covered the must see places of Sri Lanka, there is one place you must not forget to visit with your family. Wander past the amusing locales of Kollupitiyaa major neighborhood of Colombo and taste the refreshing local drinks with your loved ones. Orange Coconut or the King Coconut is one drink that will be totally inimitable in taste. The Orange Coconut also called Thambili in the local language is the sweetest and the tastiest drink. Do swig an Orange Coconut and conclude your family trip to Sri Lanka with this sweet memory.

How to Reach: Enjoy a tuk-tuk ride from Colombo to reach Kollupitiya which is 5.3 km away.

19. Kandy to Ella Scenic Train Journey


Photo: https://bit.ly/2h0sjjS

Take a train from Kandy to Ella and you would wish the journey to never end. This will be one of the most incredible train journeys of your life as the train will rattle past lush green landscapes and breathtaking scenic beauty towards Ella. While on your way don’t miss to peep out of the train’s window to catch glimpses of the mesmerizing mountains, mist, clouds, waterfalls and tea plantations. This will be one of the most ecstatic family activities to opt for while your tour in Sri Lanka.

How to Reach: Hire a cab, take a bus or board a train from Colombo to reach Kandy which is 133 km away.

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