15 Best Islands for a Perfect Honeymoon Trip to Thailand

15 Islands for a Perfect Honeymoon Trip to Thailand

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Thailand is one of those famous countries that is never seen in a standstill mode; there is just so much happening, and indeed with a blink of an eye you could miss a lot. It so happens to possess some of the chicest destinations where the wild-crowd gather to party…at the same time it treasures some sought after places to visit for the romantics. And when you are on a honeymoon, some islands in Thailand are such a beaut that, you will most probably gasp in wonder. Like seriously, this is the only sigh to appreciate this country that is blessed with a series of islands which are adorned with calm sandy beaches, emerald-green waters, sky scraping sea stacks, a melange of tourist attractions and a variety of romantic resorts for Mr and Mrs lovey-dovey. To make your honeymoon even more convenient, we have selected 15 best Islands in Thailand that will make your time together with the best ever!

Phuket for its chic resorts and groovy nightlife

Phuket Island Thailand

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Phuket can be described as an exuberant place to visit in the whole of Thailand for its beach destinations, religious sites, and luxurious resorts. You can, in fact, expect to be pampered in the luxurious hotels in Phuket where a certain number of amenities are provided just for the couples. If you are such a duo who likes to explore the nightlife of Phuket, you can visit Patong’s Bangla Road in Phuket. Also, this interesting place offers you a number of sightseeing places, such as the Wat Phra Thong and Big Buddha which are considered a must visit, also there are many viewpoints to get a panoramic view of the city, the best ones you can visit are ‘Three Beaches Viewpoint’ and ‘Monkey Hill.’ While here, you can witness the art of dance performed by the ladyboys at the Simon Cabaret Show.

How to Reach: The most convenient way is to take a flight to Phuket from Bangkok and save time. However, trains are also another cheaper ways to get to Phuket. By roadways, you can get intercity and privately operated buses from the capital, Bangkok Southern Terminal Station.

Koh Chang for those seekers of some cozy time together

Koh Chang Island Thailand

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Ko Chang Island is another worthy place to visit in Thailand that often sees growing tourists year after year, perhaps because of their cozy seaside restaurants and comfortable luxurious resorts. However, this island which is also one of the largest has picturesque sights to see like the Khlong Phlu Waterfall, which is enclosed by thickly forested land. Also, another place to visit located near the waterfall is Mu Ko Chang National Park. Nevertheless, holidaying on an island is incomplete without sun toasting your body, and for that, you can visit the Kai Bae Beach and White Sand Beach that are aligned with staggering palm trees and relaxing beachside cafes. As a newly married couple seeking for a less touristy place yet a luxe retreat, the islands of Koh Chang is an ideal deal.

How to Reach: The most convenient way to reach the islands of Koh Chang is via ferry ride from the mainland of Laem Ngop. You can find two piers, Ao Thammachat pier served by Ferry Koh Chang and Center point pier served by Centerpoint Ferry Services both operating between 6:30 to 19:00.

Koh Samui for its breathtaking natural beauty

Koh Samui Island Thailand

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Ditching even the most touristy destination of Phuket, travellers flock to the islands of Koh Samui. This is another popular Thai destination that offers eye-popping sights of various islets and its sultry beaches. Once, stomped by backpackers, today this place receives more honeymoon vacationers. Perhaps the establishment of luxurious resorts has to do something with this! Nevertheless, Koh Samui has a series of salient points of tourist interests such as Namuang Waterfalls, Big Buddha, Crocodile Farm, Wat Khunaram and Wat Plai Laem. If sunbathing is what you would prefer, there are pristine beaches in Koh Samui like Chaweng, Bophut, Lamai and Lipa Noi. However, for an ultimate relaxation, resorts like Four Seasons, W Retreat and Banyan Tree offer jaw-dropping views of the surroundings and brilliant spa facilities to the guests. As a matter of fact, the most happening nightlife, Full-Moon Party are also held here in Koh Samui.

How to Reach: Koh Samui has an airport that receives flights from all over Thailand, but if you are looking for a more exciting way to get here, try the ferry service. Its cheap, comfortable and the best part is, you can breathe in the fresh Thai air. Nathon is the main port out of the four ferry piers in Koh Samui that receives regular ferries from Donsak located in Surat Thani of Thailand.

Koh Phangan for a laid-back ambience

Koh Phangan Island Thailand

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For those who are into something laid back and relaxing, visit Koh Phangan located just next to Koh Samui. This somewhat less commercialized destination is perfect for a honeymoon vacation equipped with some opulent resorts and the venue for half moon parties. The interiors of the island comprise of some pristine lakes and a few attractions that you can’t miss are, Sadet-Ko Pha Ngan National Park, Ao Nai Wok, Phaeng Waterfall, and Wat Khao Tham (Buddhist temple). Besides, the beaches are always the go-to-places. However, for street wanderers, you can take a night stroll at the Soi Krung Thai that is aligned with various restaurants, tattoo parlors, boutiques, bars and art galleries.

How to Reach: You can catch a ferry from Surat Thani, Don Sak Sakon Port to Thong Sala Pier of Koh Phangan.

Koh Tao for adventure activities and romantic dinners

Koh Tao Island Thailand

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Another charming destination in Thailand, perfect for couples who prefer spending time uninterrupted is the island of Koh Tao. Its scenic sights and calming beaches are its go to places however, this island is also famous for adventure activities. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the two best water sports enjoyed by all but if you are not comfortable and want to train a bit before venturing on your own, there are scuba diving courses on the island as well. The beauty of this place does not end just here, it also boasts its vibrant nightlife and charming lantern-lit cafes where the holidayers can swing their hips with their hands raised high, Fishbowl Beach Bar is the right pick if you are looking for a night like this! Besides, in our opinion, the best restaurant to visit and spend a lazy afternoon slurping some coolers is Coconut Monkey.

How to Reach: This island does not own an airport, however, you could fly to Koh Samui then catch a ferry from Nathon Pier to Songserm Pier of Koh Tao Island, which offers ferries twice – morning and evening.

Koh Khai Nai Island for those looking for something peaceful

Koh Khai Nai Island Thailand

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If you are looking for a riveting destination that displays only white sandy beaches, wooden shacks, and no palms, Koh Khai Nai Island is the right place for you. All you can do here is laze around all day, admiring the sights and the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks and shore; and slurp some coolers and liquor at the Rattra Beach bar. Ideally, honeymooners come to such isolated islands to spend time alone. A day trip to Khai Nai Island can be one of the best things to do during your Thailand holiday.

How to Reach: With less than 20 minutes from Phuket, you can hire boats to the islands of Koh Khai Nai.

Koh Lipe for hopelessly romantic couple

Koh Lipe Island Thailand

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Small yet enchanting is what the visitors say about the islands of Koh Lipe. Its slightly curved Pattaya Beach is the only place where most of the beachside cafes and restaurants are located. And perhaps it can be an ideal destination to spend soothing time as soon as you arrive, Koh Lipe, as the port is located here. However, its sunset/sunrise views are beyond comparison, you can visit the sunset beach located in the northwest direction of the Island and sunrise beach located on the east. And to unleash your party animal soul, visit the Happy Vibe Bar; besides the island has a melange of resorts, perfect for honeymoon couples to spend time together at The Reef, San Pita Resort, The Cliff Sunset Resort and Bundhaya Resort.

How to Reach: Koh Lipe is the sole pier on the island and it receives ferries from other places such as Hat Yao pier of Kantang District, Trang in Thailand and Pak Bara Pier of La-Ngu District of Thailand. You can also get Seaplanes from Bangkok if ferry ride is too slow for you.

Phi Phi Islands for the parties and ‘the beach’ itself

Phi Phi Island Thailand

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Phi Phi is one of the famous islands in Thailand and you can rest assured your money will be spent well while holidaying here. The reason why is because, it is one of the largest inhabited islands, and thus, it offers exquisite villas and resorts that are perfect for the two. This soothing destination, that often receives visitors possess some splendid beaches like Maya Beach and Long Beach. However, for a more secluded beach time, Nui beach is an excellent place to visit in Phi Phi Island. Also, the things to do here are in plenty, you can visit Phi Phi Viewpoint, take a boat tour to Vikings Cave and also visit the famous island where the movie ‘The Beach’ was shot in 2000, Koh Phi Phi Lee; if time permits, you can also go on an island hopping tour, visiting the Phi Phi archipelago islands like Koh Mai Phai, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Yung, Koh Pai, and Koh Bida Noi.

How to Reach: The island of Phi Phi has two piers on both sides of the island, Koh Phi Phi on the Laemtong Beach is mainly for tours. Ao Tonsai Pier, on the other hand, receives ferries from other places like Klong Jilad Pier in Krabi, Saladan Pier of Koh Lanta, Chalong Pier and Rassada Pier of Phuket.

Koh Lanta for its scenic evenings and bright mornings

Koh Lanta Island Thailand

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Koh Lanta is a group of island and a district of Krabi which is perhaps one of the best places to go for honeymoon. Here, at Koh Lanta or Koh Lanta Yai expect to be pampered in their exquisite boutique resorts and sunbathe in some of the most beautiful beaches. The best ones that are often visited are the Klong Dao Beach, Klong Nin Beach, Klong Khong Beach, Waterfall Beach and Bamboo Beach. Besides, strolling on the beaches, you and your spouse as well can visit other tourist attractions of Koh Lanta like the Lanta Animal Welfare and Old Town; also snorkel or go kayaking through the mangrove forest. Also, for exploration, get on a speedboat and tour the remaining islands like Koh Bu Bu, Koh Lanta Noi, Koh Poh, Koh Ma, Koh Klang and Koh Ha.

How to Reach: Koh Lanta is divided into two via a small riverine gap and the only way to cross it via passenger ferry from Hua Hin Pier. You can, however, take a taxi or a passenger bus from Krabi (which may take an hour) to the aforementioned pier.

Koh Kai for its large rock formations and soothing forested land

Koh Kai Island Thailand

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Koh Kai is one of the popular tourist places adjoining archipelago of Koh Satun; it offers white sandy beach and a large shack where you can relax and enjoy the view. This island may be a little too crowded during peak seasons, so if you plan for a honeymoon trip here, make sure to plan accordingly. Besides, why visit Koh Kai in the first place right? Well, this island happens to have large rock formations which coincidentally happens to appear like a chicken’s head and a neck. Thus, it is fondly called by the same, Chicken Island. Usually, before or after visiting this unique island, your boat driver may take you for a tour around the island to show the figure of a chicken.

How to Reach: There are no direct ferry services to Koh Kai, however, you can book a boat from Pakbara port or hire from a tour agent so you can have a stress free trip.

Similan Islands for its beautiful marine wildlife

Similan Islands Thailand

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To have a trip a notch better than the usual, visit the islands of Similan. This group of islands is famed to be a popular wildlife destination, Mu Ko Similan National Park, which is opened from October to May every year. Certainly, it does not have any resort to stay but the thrill it offers is something unique than the usual. Here, you can perhaps stroll in its white sand beaches and admire the thick forest as well as experience the rich marine life of Thailand. Similan Islands is one of the best places to visit for a day trip to explore its wildlife and escape from the regular island life.

How to Reach: You can reach the island of Similan from Phuket and Khao Lak. This is a one day tour popularly conducted by snorkeling or diving companies and other various tour operators. If you happen to visit this place from Khao Lak, you will be taken to the island via minibus from Taplamu Pier, from there on to Similan via ferry or boat.

Koh Samet for its exquisite beauty

Koh Samet Island Thailand

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Another best island escapes to have a romantic vacation for honeymooners is Koh Samet. This unique T-shaped formed island has a bundle of beachside and hill resorts perfect to cherish some rekindling moments. You can visit Ao Phrao, facing west, is rather secluded as compared to the rest of the islands. Here at Ao Phrao, you can find few resorts while towards the east it will be rather jam-packed. The east of Koh Samet island has a variety of resorts and restaurants, it can get maddening to choose the best. Nevertheless, while here, Khao Laemya National Park is also a must visit the site for wildlife lovers.

How to Reach: Regular ferries carry passengers and cars from the Rayong city’s Sri Ban Phe Pier. This T-shaped island, however, has six piers, each receiving a ferry. Koh Samet Na Dan Pier is a popular pier and has the shorter route as compared to the rest.

Koh Tarutao for its serenity and evergreen forests

Koh Tarutao Island Thailand

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If you are traveling to Thailand for a honeymoon and want to experience something comparatively different to that of beach destinations, visit Koh Tarutao. Here, you cannot find the luxe resorts, rather a guest house, Ao Pante Malaka Lodging and instead of shopping places, you will be surrounded by rich flora and fauna of Thailand. Yes! Koh Tarutao is another best place to exist where you get to sight wildlife at Koh Tarutao National Marine Park. Its old forest, wildest lands, mangrove swamps treasure many wild species like wild pigs, langurs, macaques, various subspecies and various tropical marine species. And perhaps we can call it a budget-friendly destination costing only THB 200 to 400 per person (which is payable once you arrive at the park).

How to Reach: The ferries to Koh Tarutao National Marine Park is accessible from Pak Bara Pier of Satun (Southern provinces of Thailand) which will drop you at the northwest side of the island.

Koh Wai for its charming cottages and dense jungle

Koh Wai Island Thailand

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As charming as other islands of Thailand can be, Koh Wai is pleasing. This small island of the Ko Chang archipelago is a bliss for any peace seekers as it owns lavish greens and a splendid beach. Here, the resorts are top-notch aligned with small cottages offering a feeling of euphoria, equipped with all the basic facilities you may need. And as a couple who enjoy spending ample time amid nature, the island of Koh Wai also has an offbeat track that will let you wander around the dense jungle. This island has not much to offer, but the real deal is relaxation whatsoever, so, if you are looking for a getaway, visit Koh Wai.

How to Reach: Speedboats and ferries are available from Laem Ngop Pier that will take you to Koh Wai. This route will also take you to Koh Mai.

Koh Mak for its exoticism and riveting island beach

Koh Mak Island Thailand

Photo: https://bit.ly/2yrbPb0

Koh Mak slightly bigger than Koh Wai is another best honeymoon places to go to. Here, the resorts are plenty and there are also a few interesting tourist places to keep one entertained. So, while some may prefer pampering their body in the resorts spa facility or sun toasting on the beach, you can explore the other islands attractions. The island has a beautiful temple and a park called ‘The Kingdom of Somchai Affection,’ it can be called as an erotic park rather, so, as a couple, this park should not be missed during your Thai holiday.

How to Reach: Speedboats and ferries are available from Laem Ngop Pier that will take you to Koh Mai via Koh Wai. You can also island hop to Koh Wai during your visit to this island of Koh Mai.

Often there are questions on why visit Thailand for a honeymoon, little do they know, there are hidden paradise-like places that could make your exotic honeymoon a top notch. And amongst all the honeymoon destination in Asia, we choose to write about Thailand for they have best places for a budget honeymoon holidays as well as for luxury holiday seekers. With an interesting places list we’ve provided above, we hope you enjoyed reading the blog and have decided where to spend your holiday with your better-half. Please share and like the blog and do consider Thailand to be your honeymoon destination. For further inquiry, you can always call us at +91-9212553106 or email us at info@tourmyindia.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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