Vishram Ghat Mathura

The city of Mathura is home to 25 bathing ghats, all of which have cultural and religious significance. One of those ghats is Vishram Ghat, which possesses the greatest religious significance of all. Located in new market, it is at this ghat that the traditional parikrama (circumambulation) starts and ends. Vishram Ghat, which is counted amongst the most popular religious places in Mathura, is dotted with numerous shrines. Some of these are Langali Hanuman, Mukut Mandir, Radha-Damodar and Murli Manohar. The baithak of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is also located in close proximity.  

Like many other ghats, this one too is associated with numerous legends. According to one of them, it is here that Lord Krishna rested for a while after killing Kansa, the evil king of Mathura. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the famous Bhakti-era Vaishnavite saint and scholar is also believed to have rested at this ghat after enjoying a bath. Vishram Ghat was also the resting place of Lord Varahadev after he had killed the ferocious demon, Hiranyakashyap, according to a mythological tale.  An aarti is held at the ghat every evening which draws tourists and devotees in large numbers. A particularly beautiful sight during these aartis is the little oil lamps which gently dance on the river.


Vishram Ghats, which is the most important ghat in Mathura, was built somewhere in the 16th century. It underwent several modifications in history, including once during Akbar’s reign.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Mathura is home to several places of religious and cultural significance, and as a tourist, offers you numerous options for sightseeing and exploration. Here are some of the nearby attractions to Vishram Ghat which you should check out.

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