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Mathura Travel Guide

The city of the divine, Mathura is the birthplace of the Hindu god, Lord Krishna. One of the seven most important Hindu pilgrimage destinations, Mathura is an insight into the preachings and traditions of Hindu religion. Located on the Yamuna river, Mathura is dotted with the holy Hindu temples making it an ideal site for pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh. A vibrant exhibition of colours, the city has something to for everyone, attracting tourists and pilgrims both.

An Insight into Mathura Tourism

The holy Hindu pilgrimage city on the bank of River Yamuna, Mathura has found its mentions in many holy books. From being the birthplace of Hindu God Krishna to being a modern-day tourist destination who seek knowledge about Hindu religion, Mathura has always been a hotspot for Indian tourism.

One of the seven most holy cities in India, Mathura is believed to be home to one of the oldest human civilisations. The mythology states that Lord Krishna was born in captivity and his maternal uncle wanted to kill him, who was the king of Saursena which ruled Mathura. But Krishna's father ensured his safety by taking him to Gokul.

Mathura has everything you expect out of a pilgrimage destination with numerous temples blessing the city with its divine intervention. Right from the moment you set foot in the mesmerising city, you will feel a sense of peace. The adjoining town of Vrindavan together with Mathura are called abode of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. Every evening on the banks of River Yamuna, aarti is carried out.

The aarti is not just a divine ritual but an aesthetic pleasure and a unique experience for traveller witnessing it for the first time. Temples like Krishna Balaram Mandir, Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi and Dwarkadheesh temple are some of the major attractions in Mathura alongside Vishram Ghat. The entire city is filled with priests and storytellers who narrate the tales of glory of Lord Krishna. Mathura also offers tourists a chance to explore the local markets which are filled with ethnic dresses and accessories. Mathura is also famous for its Peda, a traditional sweet, which has gained quite a fan following over the years.

The city also offers the chance to boat in the sacred Yamuna river, seeking the blessings of the holy river. Next to Krishna Janmabhoomi lies the Jama Masjid, a popular religious spot for Muslims of the city. The adjacent religious shrines of different religions, coexisting together in harmony is the testament of cultural unity of the city. The best way to explore Mathura is to soak in the divinity and be part of the great celebration of Lord Krishna and his teachings.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Mathura

Mathura is famous for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna and most of the tourist attractions in Mathura are temples and shrines dedicated to the Hindu god. The Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi is the major attraction while the evening Aarti is another thing to look out for. This Hindu pilgrimage destination is all about witnessing the divinity of the religious shrines and diving in to the philosophy of Lord Krishna which can be felt in every temple, every street of the city.

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