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Top Tourist Attractions in Vrindavan

Crammed by the devotees of Lord Krishna all through the year, Vrindavan is an important Hindu pilgrimage not only in Uttar Pradesh but in India as well. Dotted with numerous temples, this popular tourist attraction also has a plethora of tales to narrate about the childhood days of Lord Krishna. Every alley and site in Vrindavan are a reminder of the days of yore, and that charms the visitors the most. The sacred city is ideal for performing a pilgrimage at famous Krishna temples like Banke Bihari and Prem Mandir and finding inner peace.

This sacred site in Uttar Pradesh is also famed for its mysterious Nidhivan, where it is believed Lord Krishna, his love interest, Radha, and the gopis mark their presence every night. The nighttime visit is prohibited, however, visitors can seek the blessing of Lord Krishna and Radha during the day time. Taking a holy dip in Keshi Ghat is also considered a must thing to do in Vrindavan for the spiritual experience. Vrindavan is a perfect tourism destination to lose yourself in the devotion of Krishna and to learn about his life.

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