Hanuman Dhara Chitrakoot

The district of Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh is one of the holiest places in Uttar Pradesh. You come across temples and other places of immense religious importance at regular intervals. Hanuman Dhara is one such place. Located about 3 km from Ramghat (considered to be the center of the main town in this place), it attracts devotees in large numbers.

This place is called Hanuman Dhara because of a gentle stream which flows over the statue of Lord Hanuman. To the devotees, this is perhaps the most beautiful sight to come across. The statue of Bajrang Bali (another name for Lord Hanuman) has been built of red stone marble. It overlooks the devotees and visitors entering the temple, lending a divine presence to the atmosphere.

In the distance, your eyes meet miles and miles of greenery, with a few settlements seated in between. There is a fascinating mythology behind how this place got its name. It is believed that Lord Hanuman, after setting fire to Lanka, returned to this spot. He was fuming with anger and could not contain it in any way whatsoever. It was Lord Rama, finally, who helped him pacify his anger. Lord Hanuman then took a bath under the stream of water which flowed from above which then cooled himn from within.

The temple is accessed through a flight of stairs. Along the way, you come across several statues of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Laxmana. Once you reach the top, you are treated to the panoramic views of the surroundings. There is also a small structure inside the temple named Sita Rasoi. This is also a major attraction for the tourists here.

Popular Tourist Attractions Nearby

There are several places of cultural and religious importance in Chitrakoot which attract tourists throughout the year. After visiting the beautiful and holy place called Hanuman Dhara, here are some of the places which you can visit during your trip.

  • Gupt Godavari
  • Ganesh Bagh
  • Ram Darshan
  • Sati Anusuya Ashram
  • Janki Kund
  • Bharat Milap Temple
  • Bharat Koop
  • Ram Ghat
Best Time to Visit

Hanuman Dhara is located in the district of Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. As a religious site it can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit it, however, depends upon what kind of weather you prefer. Visit it during the summers though, and you will face temperatures up to 47°C. It does get cooler in the evenings, but only relatively.

The heat is a daunting factor for many tourists. However, if you manage the heat, you can certainly plan a trip during the summers. If you prefer planning a trip during cool weather, visit Chitrakoot during the winters. The amicable weather draws a lot of tourists and makes for some incredible sightseeing.

How to Reach?

Chitrakoot, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, enjoys a good connectivity to the the major cities in India as well as those located in close proximity. Even though it does not have its own airport, it can be reached by train and road.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Chitrakoot is Chitrakoot Dham Karwi. It is situated at a distance of almost 11 km and the driving time takes you not more than 30 minutes. After reaching the railway station, you can hire a taxi or any other private vehicle to reach this place.

By Air

Chitrakoot does not have its own airport. The nearest airport to this place is Bamrauli Airport, which is situated in the city of Prayagraj (Allahabad). It is located at a distance of 116 km, with the estimated driving time being 3 hours. Once you land at the airport, you can hire a taxi or any other private vehicle to reach this place.

By Road

Chitrakoot, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is located in close proximity to cities like Ayodhya (270 km), Prayagraj (Allahabad) (115 km), Varanasi (246 km) and Vindhyachal (171 km). These cities are connected to this district via NH 35.  

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