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Once a glorious town, today, lies idle waiting for an audience to hear its tales of glory. A place where religion, history and nature blend together and form a picture-perfect destination, Chunar is located on the bank of River Ganga in the Vindhya Range in Uttar Pradesh. A land with many mythological references, Chunar is revered unlike any other tourism destination. From scenic landscape to glorious heritage sites, Chunar is a trip down the ancient lanes.

An Insight into Chunar Tourism

Located in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, close to Varanasi, Chunar is a place where nature, history and religion fuse together to form one picture-perfect destination. Once home to the glorious Chunar Fort, constructed by Maharaja Vikramaditya, the city today lies in solace, waiting for an audience so that the city could narrate its tales of glory.

On the bank of the holy river Ganga, Chunar was earlier called as Charandaru because Hindu God, Vishnu was believed to have taken his first step here in the city during his Vaman incarnation in the Satyug period. Another story states that a celestial being rested on the rock during his journey from Himalaya to Kanyakumari. The impression of the man resting on the rock later developed to become Chunar. It is believed that Chunar gained attention when Babar visited it. The Chunar Fort had served as the palace for many previous rulers and it was after Babar’s stay in the fort that the fort gained more recognition. Humayun, years later, offered Chunar and Jaunpur to Sher Shah in return of Bengal.

However, the fort was captured again by Mughal Emperor Akbar which was subsequently surrendered to East India Company in 1772.

Being at the epicentre of many powershifts, Chunar alongside its neighbours have seen the influence of multiple cultures which is still evident in the structures that were erected during those times. Some of the major attractions in Chunar include religious shrines of Hindu and Muslim religion. Being a historic town with a rich heritage, Chunar has witnessed a picture-perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim religion. From temples to mosques to Dargah, each of the religious shrines hold significant religious and cultural values.

However, Chunar Fort is the major attraction of the town. Home to many emperors and of great historical importance, the fort stands tall narrating the tales of glory it has witnessed over 10 centuries. Situated on the holy river Ganga, Chunar isn’t just about religion. The city nestled with the river Ganga as the backdrop offers some of the best frames for photographers.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Chunar

A town with rich history, fused with diverse culture and religions, Chunar cannot be categorised as a particular kind of destination, and thus, it is a destination for all. The best thing to do in Chunar is exploring the heritage and historic sides of Chunar alongside numerous religious shrines.

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